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Call for Proposals

What You Need To Know

  1. After you login, you will be asked to agree to the Exhibitor Terms and complete an Exhibitor Profile.
  2. Next, you should complete the section entitled: Exhibit Info. This will generate a proposal number and officially put you in the system.**
  3. Tips:
    • Create an exhibit title that is succinct, but also suggestive of the theme or topic.
    • Write a description that clearly states what your exhibit is about and what visitors to Imagine RIT will see/do/learn.
  4. Know your preferred location to exhibit on campus.
  5. Know your logistical needs (tables, chairs, power, etc.).
  6. Know your fellow exhibitors—names, email addresses, department/college, t-shirt sizes and meal card preferences (RIT Dining vs. Dinosaur BBQ).

**At this point, you may log out and return at a later time to complete your proposal (if you prefer).

Important Deadlines

February 8, 2019 to be considered for placement in the Gordon Field House
March 19, 2019 to be included in the print program
April 5, 2019 to complete and confirm Exhibitor Profiles

Submit Your Proposal Here

For important information about being an exhibitor at Imagine RIT, please visit our Exhibitors Page.

If you have any questions about your proposal/exhibit, please email