Rezume: A Web-based resume builder system for university students

Author: Ayush Arora
Chair: Dan Bogaard - dsbics
Committee: John-Paul Takats - jxtadm
Submitted On: Dec 1, 2021
Web Development

A resume is created by a job applicant to showcase their qualifications for a position. It contains the summary of the applicant's experience and education making them a good fit in the company for the job opening. For new graduates, listing these qualifications becomes a strenuous job as the amount of practical knowledge they hold is limited. Research suggests that about 75% of the resumes don’t ever make the threshold of the company and these numbers are even higher for fresh graduates[5]. Other common issues with resume writing include the organization of the content, having the correct margins and spacing, knowing what sections to be included or excluded, etc. Creating and formatting different resumes for different job roles is a strenuous job. The proposed website aims to help the students draft and rework their resumes based on a simple profile-based setup which will help them save invaluable time and provide them with standard and well-designed resumes to help make a compelling impact. The website supports the concept of JSON Resume, an open-source initiative to create JSON-based standards for resumes, and uses the schema of data in JSON format to create a minimalistic resume for the user[13]. This further helps to create generalized resume checkers that can easily and efficiently extract data from the resumes.