Global Climate Change Visual Analysis Tool

Author: Dylan Beaufort Dias
Chair: Tae Oh - thoics
Submitted On: Jan 1, 2021
Data Analysis

Climate change can be defined as the change in the usual weather conditions of a certain region. We can also define climate change as the change in Earths climate like rise in temperature, melting of glaciers, and more frequent hurricanes, floods, storms, etc. The main reason for the current climate change is due to human activities like burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal which in turn trap heat inside the atmosphere causing the Earths average temperature to rise. The main goal of this climate change interface is to analyze the Earths climate over the years and predict future climate change based on human activities. Through this analysis, we can understand what changes are taking place in the Earths atmosphere and over the world. The ARIMA-based statistical forecasting model is used to predict future temperature values, and k-means clustering is used to group countries based on their carbon dioxide emission levels. Climate change is a serious global environmental problem, and this paper provides an overview on how the rate of climate change has escalated over these years leading to global warming.