• What We Offer
    What We Offer

    Engineering Leadership offerings from RIT prepare engineers, scientists, technical managers and other experienced professionals to drive business growth through innovation, change and continuous improvement. Our portfolio includes training, academic courses, professional certificates, and full Master’s Degree programs offered online, on-campus, or onsite.

Product Development

Product Development

Gain a strategic leadership perspective and a thorough understanding of the product development life cycle. The integration of management and systems engineering elements will prepare you to lead change and drive innovative programs from conception through deployment.

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Manufacturing Leadership

Manufacturing Leadership

Learn to drive process improvement and operational efficiencies throughout your organization to protect market share and grow margins. The integration of business and engineering content will prepare you for leadership positions in operations, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

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  • Parth Devang Shah

    The most valuable attribute of the MML program was its strong engineering content coupled with a management emphasis. The top three qualities of the program were faculty support, significant resources to leverage, and name recognition that accompanies a top university like RIT.  This program has also been extremely valuable in helping me translate what I learned directly into my professional role. The Capstone project I undertook at Keurig returned over $500,000 on an investment of only $80,000 by innovative enhancements made to our project life cycle.

    Parth Devang Shah
    Verification & Validation Engineer
    Keurig Green Mountain

  • Neil Dempsey

    My MPD experience equipped me with necessary tools to handle broader aspects of product development, the importance of engineering and manufacturing to the health of the firm, and the challenges that accompany vision and leadership.  My career as a design engineer and manager, combined with the experiences of this prestigious degree program, have given me unique abilities to lead any company’s product development portfolio and growth.

    Neil Dempsey
    Director of Engineering

  • James Tabbi

    Since completing the MML program, I have led our company through acquisitions, improvement programs, and global expansion. The program gave me the tools and confidence to achieve impressive results.  I recommend the program to manufacturing leaders of today and tomorrow.

    James Tabbi
    President & CEO
    Exxelia RAF Tabtronics LLC

  • Matthew Crump

    My Capstone project provided immediate and long-term savings to Corning that more than covered the cost of attending the program.  The diversity of thought and broad experiences of faculty and students augmented a state-of-the-art curriculum.

    Linda Marks
    Manager of Characterization Sciences Global Lab Support
    Corning Incorporated

  • Matthew Crump

    The skills and toolsets learned through the MML program provided me the opportunity to lead a global cross-functional team in pursuit of the first business partnership between Morse Systems Ithaca and Toyota. The topics covered in the program, from current manufacturing practices to product development, enabled me to focus our team’s effort and expertise on addressing Toyota’s needs and concerns. To lead this effort I had to rely heavily on newly acquired project management skills and insights into organizational behavior and team leadership.  I’m proud to say that Toyota awarded their business to us.

    Matthew Crump
    Senior Engineer
    BorgWarner Morse Systems