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Microfluidics for Protein Spectroscopy on a CubeSat

Project Description: 

Our senior design project is an automated bioassay that can analyze the effect of microgravity on proteins within the constraints of a miniature satellite known as a CubeSat. Currently, protein experiments in space are sent to the International Space Station (ISS), crystallized, and then sent back to Earth for analysis. This method is extremely expensive, but the introduction of CubeSats in the early 21st century provide a lower cost alternative to launch experiments into space. This is very promising for research scientists who want to use microgravity experiments to study fundamental biology.

This project will design the payload of the CubeSat. The expected end result is a working bioassay prototype that is able to reach NASA's Technical Readiness Level 4 to show proof of concept in a laboratory environment.

Team Members: 

Darrin Berrigan (ISE), August Allen (BME), Mallory Rauch (BME), Andrea Mazzocchi (BME), Anna Jensen (ME), Matthew Glazer (EE), James Lewis (EE)