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RIT Statement of Work

When RIT is the recipient of a contract or a sub-awardee on a grant, then either a proposal or statement of work (SOW) is needed.  The SOW circulates with the budget in the Project Review Process as explanation of what is to be done, identification of roles to be fulfilled, and tasks to be performed.

The SOW specifies the obligations of RIT in providing services.  It essentially spells out what RIT will do and who will do it.  The SOW should be shared with the sponsoring organization to make sure that it expresses a common understanding of what RIT will provide.

Overview and Project Summary:  Include the following

  • The title of the project
  • The length and dates of the contract
  • Contact data for administrative and technical contacts at sponsoring organization
  • Contact data for PI at RIT
  • A summary of the role that RIT will play in the project 
  • Deliverables

 Functions, Roles, and Tasks

Itemize each function that RIT will provide, such as participating in quarterly reviews, providing training content for a particular module that targets an identified audience, advising on reporting to an agency, etc.  The list should include a brief, explicit description of each function that would be measurable and sufficient to determine if the obligation has been fulfilled.

 The Statement should also identify all the key players in the project (RIT PI, number of graduate and undergraduate students (un-named), their level of effort, and their specific responsibilities, such as internal management of the project, quality control, content development, production responsibilities and tasks, etc. 

Tasks and a project timeline.

A list of deliverables or milestones:  databases, reports and analyses, recommendations, etc. It is best to use Month 1, Month 2, etc., instead of absolute dates, in case there's a delay in executing a contract.

Format:  The statement should be clear, unambiguous, and consistent with the approved budget.  Please use and adapt the template below, or choose a format that suits you, and organize the data appropriately.  The statement may be one page or longer, depending on the complexity of the project.