Elizabeth Adamson (She/Her)

headshot of Elizabeth Adamson

Where are you from?
Charleston, SC.

What are you involved in at RIT?
I hold the position of Treasurer for N.E.R.D. Girls in STEM, College of Science Representative for the Cross-Registered Student Advisory Board (XSAB), and Student Representative for the DeafBlind Support Committee.

Why RIT and the College of Science?
I picked this College of Science (COS) primarily due to its excellent program for mathematics and statistics majors. Given my enduring passion for mathematics, I am excited about the opportunity to immerse myself in this field and anticipate developing strong relationships with the faculty and professors.

What is your advice for prospective college students?
My advice for prospective college students is to explore diverse interests. Take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in elective courses and seek out various clubs and engage in extracurricular activities to discover and nurture new passions.

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