Recent Grant Awards

Faculty across the College of Science are leaders in receiving peer-reviewed federal and state grants to support our students and research laboratories. 

Grant Awards for 2023

Initial Award Title PI
09/19/23 Advancing Quantum Metrology and Sensing Education: Concepts, Curricula, and Research on Student Learning Ben Zwickl
09/19/23 Collaborative: Education landscape for quantum information science & engineering: Guiding educational nnovation to support quantum career paths Ben Zwickl
08/29/23 Energy Web Employing Planar Optics Phase II Grover Swartzlander
08/23/23 NSF GRFP Fellowships 2021-2026 Michael Lam
08/22/23 Enabling Rational Design of Drug Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions with Physics-based Computational Modeling Brini Emiliano
08/07/23 Collaborative Research: Its TIME! Mapping cosmic star formation history with CO and CII Michael Zemcov
07/31/23 Fundamental Research on Detection and Classification Limits in Spectral Imagery John Kerekes
07/24/23 Collaborative research: Biomechanical mechanisms conferring wound resilience in single-celled organisms Moumita Das
07/20/23 LEAPS-MPS: Computational Modeling of the Interaction between the Eye and a Contact Lens Lucia Carichino
07/20/23 Disability DCL: Transforming the Chemistry Experience for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students via the Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Descriptive Sigh Language Lexicon Christina Goudreau Collison
07/17/23 Fire Instrumentation Metrology and Development Robert Kremens
06/21/23 Interspecies reservoirs of antibiotic resistance for Neisseria gonorrhoeae Crista Wadsworth
06/21/23 Simulation and modeling to support improved Landsat Next science Aaron Gerace
06/21/23 Development of science traceability matrices for LandIS Rehman Eon
06/08/23 Viral vector-mediated gene activation to facilitate large-scale genetic analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans Maureen Ferran
06/05/23 Deep Learning Enabled Sensor Protection Grover Swartzlander
06/01/23 ERI: Impact of pore-scale heterogeneity on precipitation and transport in porous media Shima Parsa
05/16/23 Determining End User Needs to Direct 1064 nm Laser Power Converter Research & Development Seth Hubbard
05/09/23 WoU-MMA: Inference about gravitational wave sources and source populations in the era of perpetual discovery Richard O'Shaughnessy
05/08/23 PIC Math: Preparation for Industrial Careers in the Mathematical Sciences Darren Narayan
05/08/23 Uncovering the role of a new DNA sequence pattern in nucleosome-protein interactions Feng Cui
05/03/23 A Framework to Promote Gender Diversity & Equity Lea Michel
04/26/23 Search for Variable AGN in Green Pea Galaxies Using TESS Jeyhan Kartaltepe
04/25/23 Research on PEER Institute in Research Methods for Professional Development for Emerging EducationResearchers Field Schools Scott Franklin
04/11/23 Isolating and Disentangling Correlated Components in the Ultraviolet and Near-Infrared Background Light Michael Zemcov
04/04/23 WDEEP: The Webb Deep Extragalactic Exploratory Public Surve Jeyhan Kartaltepe
03/30/23 LRalph In-Flight Instrument Characterization Support Matthew Montanaro
03/29/23 Solving Problems in Atomic Superfluid Rotation Using Cavity Optomechanics Mishkat Bhattacharya
02/23/23 Ultrafast Laser Figuring and Finishing of Freeform Optics Jie Qiao
02/16/23 NSF Convergence Accelerator Track I: Accelerating Understanding for Geological Extraction and Reclamation (AUGER), a predictive approach to sustainable mining and minerals security Charles Bachmann
01/13/23 Collaborative Research: Beyond Gala: Expanding the dynamical map of the Milky Way with asteroseismic distances Jeyhan Kartaltepe
01/12/23 NSF REU Site: Extremal Graph Theory and Dynamical Systems Darren Narayan


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