Recent Grant Awards

Faculty across the College of Science are leaders in receiving peer-reviewed federal and state grants to support our students and research laboratories. 

List of Recent Grant Awards

Initial Award Title PI
08/16/21 Redshift Wrangler: Citizen Science Analysis of Extragalactic Spectroscopy Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
08/12/21 Plastics MWEE for In and Out School Settings Stoss, Kaeti
08/12/21 Immune biomarker discovery in children susceptible to recurrent otitis media Bajorski, Peter
08/05/21 An ALMA Archival Study of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae Kastner, Joel
08/02/21 Combining Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Neutron Scattering for Determining Macromolecular and Liquid Structure: Towards Development of the Novel NMR-PNS Technique Kotlarchyk, Michael
07/20/21 Collaborative Research: Access Expansion: Growing a network of equity-focused programs in the physical sciences Franklin, Scott
07/14/21 WoU-MMA: New Frontiers in the Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves from the Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Scorpius X-1 Whelan, John
06/23/21 CANDELS-Herschel Environmental Spectroscopic Survey: Part III Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
06/18/21 Fundamental Research on Detection and Classification Limits in Spectral Imagery Kerekes, John
06/16/21 Adaptable Interfaces for M&S Tools Kerekes, John
06/14/21 ARA IARPA SMART Ientilucci, Emmett
06/11/21 Using nanopocket membranes to capture bacterial outer membrane vesicles from biofluids Michel, Lea
06/08/21 Transformation of the New York Table Beet Industry through Digital Agriculture van Aardt, Jan
05/25/21 What is the Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Starbursts at z~2? Part II Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
05/14/21 DIRSIG Simulations for SNL Gartley, Michael
05/05/21 Device Simulation and Modeling - Dual Junction InGaP/GaAs solar cells with wavelength selective photonic structures (WSPS) Hubbard, Seth
04/22/21 CRII: Modeling and Understanding the Invisible World in Thermal Modality Lu, Guoyu
04/12/21 NFkB-dependent antiviral pathways in VSV-resistant cancer cells Ferran, Maureen
04/05/21 Highly Resilient Multi-junction Solar Cell Devices for Space Power Hubbard, Seth
03/23/21 Improving efficiency and radiation hardness in multijunction solar cells using back surface reflectors Hubbard, Seth
02/26/21 Mobile AI Platform for 3D Root Phenotyping and Trait Assessment Lu, Guoyu
02/23/21 Gaia, Galex, and the Curious Case of the Quiet K (and M) Star Coronae Kastner, Joel
02/18/21 L2M Program - TA2 - Multi-Stage, Multi-Task Memory Transfer (M3T) Kanan, Christopher
02/17/21 The influence of canopy structure and foliar chemistry on remote sensing observations: radiative transfer modeling to understand interactions of light within the canopy and inform innovative uses Aardt, Jan van
02/16/21 The EMERGE Institute, integrating research and training to characterize EMergent Ecosytem Response to ChanGE McCalley, Carmody
02/09/21 CAREER: Interface-mediated Ionic Transport in Mismatched Complex Oxide Heterostructures: Role of Misfit Dislocations Dholabhai, Pratik
02/03/21 MIT LL Sustainable Land Imaging CRISP Gerace, Aaron
01/12/21 Our Lakes, Streams, and Rivers: Experiential Education and Stewardship in the Lake Ontario Watershed Tyler, Christy
12/18/20 The Role of Vorticity and Fuel Moisture on the Near-Field Plume Structure and Ember Dynamics Kremens, Robert
12/16/20 Nearby Young Stars and Disk Detective Citizen Science Kastner, Joel
11/30/20 Development of an On-Chip Integrated Spectrometer for Far-IR Astrophysics Zemcov, Michael
11/24/20 Option Year AB - LASS Research in Sensor and System Modeling Messinger, David
11/11/20 DIRSIG Development Support to Arete Surface Zone Modeling Tool (SZT) Goodenough, Adam
11/05/20 DataCell: A Solar Cell Integrated Retroreflector Phase 2 Hubbard, Seth
10/27/20 CANDELS-Herschel Environmental Spectroscopic Survey: Part II Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
10/22/20 The Nature of X-rays From Young Stellar Object in the Orion Nebula Cluster Kastner, Joel
10/15/20 Sample Analysis for Separation and Polymer Identifications of Microplastic Particles from Water, Sediment and Atmospheric Matrices Eddingsaas, Nathan
10/12/20 High-Resolution Vineyard Nutrient Management van Aardt, Jan
09/15/20 Collaborative Research: SOAR/SAM Multi Object Spectrograph (SAMOS) Kremens, Robert
08/25/20 MISE (The Mid-IR Sky Explorer) Zemcov, Michael
08/21/20 Enhanced 3D Sub-Canopy Mapping via Airborne/Spaceborne Full-Waveform LiDAR van Aardt, Jan
08/20/20 Object-based aggregation of fuel structures, physics-based fire behavior and self-organizing smoke plumes for improved fuel, fire, and smoke management on military lands Kremens, Robert
08/19/20 NANOGrav Physics Frontiers Center Lam, Michael
08/19/20 Phase 4, Task 4: CLIN 8 DIRSIG Development Support Brown, Scott
08/18/20 What is the Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Starbursts at z~2 Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
08/17/20 DIRSIG Riverstrike Support Salvaggio, Philip
08/13/20 MRI: Acquisition of a Computing System for Large Simulation Data Sets for Multimessenger Astrophysics Campanelli, Manuela
08/13/20 The Construction of a Pulsar Interstellar Medium Array Detector Lam, Michael
08/13/20 BCSER: Collaborative Research: Professional Development for Emerging Education Researchers: PEER Field Schools Franklin, Scott
08/13/20 Beyond Gaia: Expanding the dynamical map of the Milky Way with asteroseismic distances Chakrabarti, Sukanya
08/12/20 Proposal Title REU Site: Interdisciplinary Problem Solving in Human Dominated Wetland Ecosystems McCalley, Carmody
08/12/20 Collaborative Proposal: MODULUS: Decoding the Rules of Phase Separation In Bacterial Chromatin Das, Moumita
08/03/20 Graduate and Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Robinson, Andrew

Restore-L Technical Consultation Support

Montanaro, Matthew

Biorheology of the Vitreous Gel

Das, Moumita
07/20/20 Adaptable Interfaces for M&S Tools Brown, Scott
07/20/20 Collaborative Research: Supermassive Binary Black Hole Mergers: Accretion Dynamics and Electromagnetic Output Campanelli, Manuela
07/14/20 Toward a Uniform and Complete Keck Spectroscopic Archive for the COSMOS Legacy Field Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
07/06/20 Sonic Wafering of III-V substrates for High Efficiency Cells: A path to <$0.50/W Hubbard, Seth

CAREER: Computational Model of Perceived Color and Appearance in Augmented Reality

Murdoch, Michael
06/25/20 Modeling light echoes from hot dust and the broad line region in Active Galactic Nuclei Robinson, Andrew
06/10/20 A new tool to monitor the resilience of mangroves to sea level rise van Aardt, Jan
05/19/20 Phase 2: Ultrafast Laser for 3D fabrication of waveguide lasers Qiao, Jie
05/08/20 Supermassive Black Holes Approaching Merger: Accretion Dynamics, Jets and EM Signals Campanelli, Manuela
04/23/20 SSI SBIR AF192-026 Ientilucci, Emmett
04/10/20 CANDELS-Herschel Environmental Spectroscopic Survey Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
04/10/20 Low Cost End-to-end Spectral Imaging System for Historical Document Discovery Messinger, David
04/06/20 WoU-MMA: Inference about gravitational- wave sources and source populations O'Shaughnessy, Richard
04/03/20 Collaborative research: Frameworks: The Einstein Toolkit ecosystem: Enabling fundamental research in the era of multi-messenger astrophysics Zlochower, Yosef
03/20/20 Development and Assessment of Virtual Reality Paradigms for Gaze Contigent Visual Rehabiitation Diaz, Gabriel
03/10/20 Games, Decisions, Risk and Reliability (Yearlong program at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute) Fokoue, Ernest
03/02/20 REU Site: Multimessenger Astrophysics Faber, Joshua
02/25/20 Ultrafast laser-based polishing/forming of glass materials Qiao, Jie
02/21/20 Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower Water Vapor Plume Volume Estimation Salvaggio, Carl
02/21/20 Mathematical Modeling of 2-D, Upper and Lower Eyelid Driven Contact Lens Motion & Computer Simulation of the Resulting Toric Contact Lens Re-centering Dynamics Ross, David
02/18/20 Binary black hole waveforms for LISA using numerical relativity Zlochower, Yosef
02/17/20 RIT Life Science Initiative: Genomics Research Lab Cluster Buckley, Larry
02/05/20 Collaborative Research: Developing a quantitative three-dimensional understanding of cardiac arrhythmias Hoffman, Matthew
01/28/20 Program Officer at NSF Ninkov, Zoran
01/28/20 Impacts of Microplastic Pollution on Benthic Ecosystem Functions and Services Tyler, Christy
01/23/20 L'Ralph Instrument Calibration Support Montanaro, Matthew
01/02/20 NSF REU Site: Extremal Graph Theory and Dynamical Systems Narayan, Darren

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