Recent Grant Awards

Faculty across the College of Science are leaders in receiving peer-reviewed federal and state grants to support our students and research laboratories. 

List of Recent Grant Awards

Initial Award Title PI
07/01/2019 Textual science: a curriculum for cultural heritage Easton Jr, Roger
07/09/2019 Diagnosing, Addressing, and Forecasting CIB Contamination in Spectral Measurements of the Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect Zemcov, Michael
07/09/2019 WoU-MMA Collaborative Research: Constraining the nuclear EOS and neutron star astrophysics through multi-messenger and multi-object observations of neutron star O'Shaughnessy, Richard
07/15/2019 Sustained-Petascale in Action: Blue Waters Enabling Transformative Science and Engineering Lousto, Carlos
07/29/2019 Uncovering a new role of nucleosomes in genere regulation. Cui, Feng
07/30/2019 QLCI - CG: Quantum Photonic Institute Figer, Don
07/31/2019 Support to MLIS Instrument Development and Demonstration Gerace, Aaron
08/13/2019 DIRSIG Simulation Demonstration for LLNL Brown, Scott
08/14/2019 Collaborative Proposal: Bottom-up Construction of a Synthetic Neuron and Programmable Neuronal Network Das, Moumita
08/21/2019 DataCell: A Solar Cell Integrated Retroreflector Hubbard, Seth
08/21/2019 Radiometrically Accurate Spatial Resolution Enhancement of Spectral Imagery Messinger, David
08/21/2019 Landsat Thermal Image Systems Engineering Support Montanaro, Matthew
08/23/2019 SPHEREx: An All-Sky Spectral Survey, Phase B Zemcov, Michael
08/27/2019 A Single Photon Sensing and Photon Number Resolving Detector for NASA Missions Figer, Don
08/29/2019 Multi-Color Anisotropy Measurements of Cosmic Near-Infrared Extragalactic Background Light with CIBER-2 Zemcov, Michael
09/03/2019 High Relaxivity PSMA-Targeted Contrast Agents for MRI of Prostate Cancer Schmitthenner, Hans
09/12/2019 REU Imaging in the Physical Science Messinger, David
09/19/2019 Accretion assessment in mangrove forests: A comparison between terrestrial laser scanner data from two disparate mangrove forests van Aardt, Jan
09/19/2019 RI: Small: Lifelong Multimodal Machine Learning Kanan, Christopher
09/20/2019 CPS: Frontier: Collaborative Research: Compositional, Approximate, and Quantitative Reasoning for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Otani, Niels
09/25/2019 Rochester Bioinformatics Cooperative Hudson, Andre
09/25/2019 Global Surveillance Augmentation Using Commercial Satellite Imaging Systems (Phase III) Ientilucci, Emmett
09/26/2019 Simulation and Modeling to Support Definition of Sustainable Land Imaging (SLI) System Requirements Gerace, Aaron
09/27/2019 Measuring Reionization and the Growth of Molecular Gas with TIME Zemcov, Michael
10/09/2019 Toward a Robust Method for Identifying Merger Signatures in Deep Hubble Images Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
10/14/2019 Improved Strategies to Enhance Calibration and Validation of Landsat Thermal Data and Their Associated Higher-Level Products Gerace, Aaron
10/30/2019 DIRSIG Development Support to Arete Surface Zone Modeling Tool (SZT) Goodenough, Adam
10/30/2019 DIRSIG Development Support to Etegent Technologies PEMS program Brown, Scott
11/07/2019 Phase 4 task 2; CLIN 6 DIRSIG Development Support Brown, Scott
11/20/2019 Ultrafast Laser Welding and Waveguide Inscription for Nano-implant Chips Qiao, Jie
11/20/2019 Ultrafast Laser Welding and Waveguide Inscription for Nano-implant Chips Qiao, Jie
11/22/2019 Workshops to Increase Capacity for Competitive S-STEM Proposals from Colleges and Universities in the Northeast Skuse, Gary