RIT College of Science Grant Awards

Faculty across the College of Science are leaders in receiving peer-reviewed federal and state grants to support our students and research laboratories. 

June 2024

WoU-MMA: Continuous Gravitational Waves: from Searching to Observing
Initial Award: 6/28/24
PI: John Whelan

Ultrafast laser inscription of scattering objects for the Turbulent Bacon Laser Assembly Surrogate
Initial Award: 6/22/24
PI: Jie Qiao

Day in the Life of Oswego River
Initial Award: 6/21/24
PI: Kaeti Stoss

May 2024

Creating Stable and Periodic Arrays of Molecular-Scale Liquid:Liquid Interfaces for Chemical Reactions
Initial Award: 05/21/24
PI: Jian Liu

The Role of Galaxy Mergers and Interactions in Fueling Star Formation and Black Hole Activity
Initial Award: 05/14/24
PI: Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Lake Ontario Center for Microplastics and Human Health in a Changing Environment-Administrative/Facilities/Research/Community Engagement Core
Initial Award: 05/05/24
PI: Anna Tyler

April 2024

General aperture freeform high-definition metrology using reconfigurable CGH powered by deep learning (Year 3)
Initial Award: 04/24/24
PI: Jie Qiao

Conference: Tracing Binary Star Metamorphosis: Chandra+JWST Imaging of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae
Initial Award: 04/23/24
PI: Joel Kastner

REU Site: Multimessenger Astrophysics
Initial Award: 04/22/24
PI: Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Ultrafast Laser Figuring and Finishing of Freeform Optics (Year 2 and Year 3)
Initial Award: 04/21/24
PI: Jie Qiao

Analysis of occupations, expertise, and educational pathways within the quantum information science and technology workforce in industry and government
Initial Award: 04/01/24
PI: Benjamin Zwickl

March 2024

The X-Ray Nature of the Young EXOPLANET TOI 1227B
Initial Award: 03/14/24
PI: Joel Kastner

Conference: Diffuse Cosmic Backgrounds and the Low Surface Brightness Universe
Initial Award: 03/14/24
PI: Michael Zemcov

February 2024

Viral vector-mediated gene activation to facilitate large-scale genetic analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Initial Award: 02/13/24
PI: Maureen Ferran

NIH DEIA Prize Competition- Inclusive Excellence and RISE Programs
Initial Award: 02/12/24
PI: Lea Michel

NIH DEIA Prize Competition- Inclusive Excellence and RISE Programs
Initial Award: 02/09/24
PI: Lea Michel

Advancing Radiation-Hardened CMOS Deterctors for NASA Missions
Initial Award: 02/05/24
PI: Don Figer

Supplement request to NSF Includes Alliance: Incisive Graduate Education Network
Initial Award: 02/05/24
PI: Casey Miller

January 2024

Using Body-worn Camera Footage for Training and Continual Improvement in Constitutional Policing
Initial Award: 01/26/24
PI: Ernest Fokoué

Design and Fabrication of Arrayed Waveguide Grating Using Ultrafast Laser Inscription
Initial Award: 01/16/24
PI: Jie Qiao

The COSMOS High-z ALMA-MIRI Population Survey (CHAMPS): A Wide-Area Comprehensive Survey of the Dusty Universe
Initial Award: 01/04/24
PI: Jeyhan Kartaltepe