Recent Grant Awards

Faculty across the College of Science are leaders in receiving peer-reviewed federal and state grants to support our students and research laboratories. 

Grant Awards for 2022

Initial Award Title PI
10/06/22 Polarimetric Observer Light Analyzing Research (POLAR) Mission Ninkov, Zoran
10/05/22 Femtosecond Laser Inscription of 3D Waveguide Beam Splitters and Integrated Photonic Circuits for Mid-IR sensing Qiao, Jie
10/05/22 Diffractive Solar Sailing Swartzlander, Grover
09/30/22 Global Surveillance Augmentation Using Commercial Satellite Imaging Systems (Phase III) Ientilucci, Emmett
09/20/22 Collaborative research: WoU-MMA Constraning the nuclear EOS and population of neutron star mergers through observations of transient and persistent phenomena O'Shaughnessy, Richard
09/09/22 Webb Epoch of Reionization Lyalpha Survey (WERLS) Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
09/02/22 The RIT Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative Postdoctoral Program Newman, Dina
08/25/22 SAR Image Formation and ATR Studies Albano, James
08/23/22 DIRSIG Riverstrike Support Salvaggio, Philip
08/18/22 NSF GRFP Fellowships 2021-2026 Lam, Michael
08/16/22 Developing the largest IR detectors for future NASA focal planes Figer, Don
08/10/22 Design Principles of Size-Control of Organelles Growing ina a Shared Pool of their Building Blocks Mohapatra, Lishibanya
08/09/22 Composing the History of Near-IR and Optical Light Production with the Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment-2 (CIBER-2) Zemcov, Michael
08/05/22 Globally derived measures of structure informed by ecological theory and observation van Aardt, Jan
08/02/22 Collaborative Research: Conference: NSF workshop on Models for Uncovering Rules and Unexpected Phenomena in Biological Systems (MODULUS) Das, Moumita
08/01/22 Radio Studies of Planetary Nebulae: Probing Radiation-driven Molecular Chemistry Kastner, Joel
07/29/22 LEAPS-MPS: Computational Modeling to Characterize and Attribute Uncertainty in Future Coastal Risk Wong, Tony
07/11/22 High-Efficiency Laser Power Beaming Receiver for Lunar and Extraterrestrial Exploration Hubbard, Seth
06/29/22 Collaborative Research: Evaluating the Impact of the Promoting Active Learning and Mentoring (PALM) Network on Vision & Change Awareness and Implementation Newman, Dina
06/28/22 Explorations of Extreme and Eccentric BBH mergers Lousto, Carlos
06/24/22 Fundamental Image Science Research Ientilucci, Emmett
06/21/22 Probing the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies in the Early Universe Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
06/21/22 COSMOS-Web: The JWST Cosmic Origins Survey Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
06/10/22 Phase 3: The Extension to Integrated Mid-Infrared Sources Enabled by Waveguides Written with Femtosecond Lasers : Inscription of Waveguides in IG2 Glass Qiao, Jie
06/09/22 LEAPS-MPS: Direct methods for data-rich inverse problems Babaniyi, Olalekan
06/03/22 Energy Web Employing Planar Optics Swartzlander, Grover
05/11/22 RadSCape: radiative transfer simulation and validation of the dynamic structural and spectral properties of the vegetation of the Cape van Aardt, Jan
05/05/22 Toward a Uniform and Complete Keck Spectroscopic Archive for the COSMOS Legacy Field Kartaltepe, Jeyhan
05/03/22 OpenVDB Plume Plugin for DIRSIG Goodenough, Adam
04/22/22 (CeFO) General Aperture freeform high-definition metrology using reconfigurable CGH powered by deep learning Qiao Jie
04/21/22 Understanding Our Nearest Youngest Neighbors: NASA Archival Studies of Young Stars Near the Sun Kastner, Joel
04/12/22 Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Tyler, Christy
03/16/22 Collaborative Research: SHF: Small: Enabling Efficient 3D Perception: An Architecture-Algorithm Co-Design Approach Lu, Guoyu
02/28/22 Femtosecond laser-based fabrication of waveguide lasers Qiao, Jie
02/25/22 Development of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Capabilities of CID Sensors Ninkov, Zoran
02/21/22 Molecularly Targeted Probes for Photodynamic Therapy and Imaging of Breast Cancer Schmitthenner, Hans
02/13/22 Physicochemical properties driving membrane-less organelle assembly in bacteria Das, Moumita
02/11/22 DIRSIG Riverstrike Support Salvaggio, Philip
02/08/22 Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Multidisciplinary Research on Student Success in STEM at the Rochester Institute of Technology Wright, Leslie Kate
01/13/22 Collaborative Research: Sustainable CURE implementation Craig, Paul
01/12/22 Composing the History of Near-IR and Optical Light Production with the Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment-2 (CIBER-2) Zemcov, Michael


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