RIT College of Science: Emeritus Faculty

A list of our RIT Emeritus faculty who have demonstrated notable contributions during their professional career at the College of Science.

Dean's Office

Last Name First Name Title
Maggelakis Sophia Professor

Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences

Last Name First Name Title
D'Ambruso Margaret Professor
Douthwright Jean Professor
Frederick G. Thomas Professor
Klingensmith Joseph M. Professor
Merrill Douglas Professor
Pough F. Harvey Professor
Rothman Robert Professor
Seischab Franz Professor
Stark Egon Professor

School of Chemistry and Materials Science

Last Name First Name Title
Adduci Jerry Professor
Gennett Tom Professor
Rosenberg L. Paul Professor
Santhanam Kalathur Professor
Turner Kay Professor
Worman James Professor

School of Mathematical Sciences

Last Name First Name Title
Basener William Professor
Birken Marcia Professor
Clark Patricia Professor
Daggar Rebecca Senior Lecturer
Delorenzo Joe Lecturer
Engel Alejandro Professor
Farnsworth David Professor
Glanton Dennis Lecturer
Gruber Marvin Professor
Gupta Laxmi Professor
Halavin James Professor
Mathiason David Professor
Meadows Doug Professor
Upson Thomas Professor
Voelkel Joseph Professor
Wilson Paul Professor

School of Physics and Astronomy

Last Name First Name Title
Andersen John Professor
Barton Linda Associate Professor
Davis Tracy Associate Professor
Entenberg Alan Professor
Jodoin Ron Professor
Kern James Professor
Raman Varadaraja Professor
Sexton Earl Professor
Teese Robert Professor
Young Anne Professor

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

Last Name First Name Title
Dube Roger Professor
Rao Navalgund Research Faculty
Rhody Harvey Professor
Schott John Professor

Integrated Sciences Academy

Last Name First Name Title
Berns Roy Professor