Zach Black (He/Him)

headshot of Zach Black

Where are you from?
Buffalo, NY.

What are you involved in at RIT?
I have been actively involved in a range of extracurricular activities, such as COSA, Biotech Club, and serving as a teaching assistant for Molecular Biology. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in Dr. Ferran's Viral Genetics Lab.

Why RIT and the College of Science?
I fell in love with viruses in the midst of the pandemic. I decided to choose a bachelor's degree in the College of Science as I knew it would prepare me for pursuing a Ph.D. in virology upon completion of my undergraduate degree. I also read about Dr. Maureen Ferran's Genetics Lab and was very intrigued by her research which caused me to instead apply for a biotechnology major instead of biochemistry.

What is your advice for prospective college students?
You learn a lot doing research with faculty here at RIT. The amount I have learned working in the research lab with Dr. Ferran is insurmountable to say the least. It allowed me to become a better student. I highly recommend that you reach out to professors whose research interests you during your first year; they love having students join them at this early stage of their academic careers.

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