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Matthew Coppenbarger

Associate Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences
College of Science

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Matthew Coppenbarger

Associate Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences
College of Science


BS, University of Arizona; MA, Ph.D., University of Rochester


Dr. Coppenbarger received a BS in Math and Physics at the University of Arizona before going to the University of Rochester to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics studying quantum mechanics on graphs.  He has taught at RIT since 2001.  In addition to the lofty-sounding topics that you might expect a mathematician to study (differential equations, discrete mathematics, combinatorics), Matt shows a particular fondness for puzzles, games, and other things that an eight-year old might find of interest.


Areas of Expertise

Currently Teaching

1 - 3 Credits
This course is a faculty-guided investigation into appropriate topics that are not part of the curriculum.
0 Credits
This course is a cooperative education experience for undergraduate students majoring in Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics or Statistics.
3 Credits
This course prepares students for professions that use mathematics in daily practice, and for mathematics courses beyond the introductory level where it is essential to communicate effectively in the language of mathematics. It covers various methods of mathematical proof, starting with basic techniques in propositional and predicate calculus and set theory, and then moving to applications in advanced mathematics.
3 Credits
This course introduces solution techniques and applications of Game Theory. Topics include game trees, matrix games, linear inequalities, convex sets, the minimax theorem, and n-person games.
4 Credits
This is the first in a two-course sequence intended for students majoring in mathematics, science, or engineering. It emphasizes the understanding of concepts, and using them to solve physical problems. The course covers functions, limits, continuity, the derivative, rules of differentiation, applications of the derivative, Riemann sums, definite integrals, and indefinite integrals.

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Journal Paper
Coppenbarger, Matthew E. "Iterations of a Modified Sisyphus Function." The Fibonacci Quarterly 56. 2 (2018): 130-141. Print.
Coppenbarger, Matthew E. "Iterations of the Words-to-Numbers Function." Journal of Integer Sequences 21. (2018): 1-26. Web.