Natalie Siwek (She/Her)

headshot of Natallie Siwek

Where are you from?
Shrewsbury, MA.

What are you involved in at RIT?
I am involved in College of Science Student Activities Board (COSSAB), and Varsity Rowing.

Why RIT and the College of Science?
I chose the environmental science program at RIT because I was able to start my major-related classes from day one. Many schools I looked into require you to take mostly general education classes in your first and second year. At RIT, you still have to take general education classes, but you get to start learning content you are interested in during your first semester. This really helps you decide if the major you chose is right for you. It also gets you excited about the learning to come!

What is your advice for prospective college students?
Pick a university where you can thrive academically and socially. When things get hard, it's super important to have a community to fall back on. RIT's College of Science has vast support networks and really helps me feel like I am at home!

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