Quantum Information Science and Technology Minor


The minor in quantum information science and technology provides an introduction to the foundational concepts of quantum information science. Topics focus on how quantum devices are designed and operate, and how they are being applied in emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, cryptography, and sensing.

Notes about this minor:

  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Notations may appear in the curriculum chart below outlining pre-requisites, co-requisites, and other curriculum requirements (see footnotes).

The plan code for Quantum Information Science and Technology Minor is QUANTUM-MN.

Curriculum for Quantum Information Science and Technology Minor

Choose one of the following:  
   MATH-172    Calculus B 3
   MATH-182    Project-Based Calculus II 4
   MATH-182A    Calculus II 4
Choose one of the following:  
   PHYS-111 College Physics I 4
   PHYS-211 University Physics I 4
   PHYS-211A University Physics IA 4
   PHYS-216 University Physics I: Physics Majors 4
CMPE-257 Introduction to Quantum Computing and Information Science 3
PHYS-251 Principles and Applications of Quantum Technology 3
CHMP-442 Physical Chemistry II 3
PHYS-414 Quantum Mechanics 3
PHYS-415 Advanced Quantum Mechanics 3
PHYS-667 Quantum Optics 3
MATH-190 Discrete Mathematics for Computing 3
MATH-200 Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Proofs 3
MATH-241 Linear Algebra 3
MATH-241H Honors Linear Algebra 3
CMPE-160 Digital System Design I 3
CMPE-260 Digital System Design II 3
CMPE-350 Computer Organization 3
CMPE-660 Reconfigurable Computing 3
CPET-561 Embedded Systems Design I  3
CPET-563 Embedded Systems Design II 3
EEEE-420 Embedded Systems Design 3
EEEE-505 Modern Optics for Engineers 3
EEET-331 Signals, Systems, and Transforms 3
EEET-332 Signals, Systems and Transforms Lab 3
EEET-531 Fiber Optics Technology 3
MCEE-201 IC Technology 3
MCEE-503 Thin Films 3
MCEE-505 Lithography Materials and Processes 3
MCEE-515 Nanolithography Systems 3
MFET-556 Advanced Concepts in Semiconductor Packaging 3
PHYS-365 Physical Optics 3
PHYS-408 Laser Physics 3
PHYS-532 Solid State Physics 3
CMPE-661 Hardware and Software Design for Cryptographic Applications 3
CSCI-331 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI-455 Principles of Cybersecurity 3
CSCI-462 Introduction to Cryptography 3
CSCI-635 Introduction to Machine Learning 3
MATH-367 Codes and Ciphers 3
MCSE-715 Photonic Integrated Circuits 3
MCSE-731 Integrated Optical Devices and Systems 3

* The remaining four courses must come from at least two of the four focus areas.