Place Request How To
  1. Submit a request form.
  2. Submit documentation from a licensed professional. This should state your diagnosis, information about how your functioning is affected, and suggestions for required adjustments. Refer to our Documentation Guidelines here if needed.
  3. Once the request and documentation are received in the Disability Services Office (DSO), the request will be reviewed and you may be contacted to discuss your request. If no discussion or clarification is needed you will be notified via email regarding adjustments which can be offered.
  • If you are offered academic adjustments, the DSO will send an electronic copy of your Disability Services Agreement to your instructors at the start of each term. This document lists the academic adjustments you are to be provided. You will need to discuss with each of your instructors how to use adjustments in his or her class.
  • If you are offered residential modifications, the DSO will notify Housing Operations. You will need to continue to submit a Housing contract each year that you remain in RIT housing.

If you would like to request additional adjustments or make changes to existing adjustments please contact the Disability Services Office.

If you do not agree with the decision: an appeal may be filed, following the Appeal process.

Students requesting housing-related modifications due to a disability must submit a completed request form and documentation to the RIT Disability Services Office AND submit a housing contract to RIT Housing Operations by the following dates:

May 1 – requests for fall term
December 1 – requests for spring term
May 1 – requests for summer term