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Wellness: Exemption Scenarios

There are some instances when a student may be exempt from the wellness education requirement.

Age Accordion

Students who are 25 or older at the date of matriculation are exempt from the wellness education requirement but may enroll in any course if interested.

Club Sports Accordion

No wellness credit is granted for any Club Sports participation.

Intercollegiate Athletics Accordion

Students participating in the Institute's Intercollegiate Athletic programs will be granted wellness course credit for the season(s) of participation. Wellness Education encourages student athletes to enroll in wellness courses that are different from their intercollegiate experience to ensure full engagement in a variety of leisure time pursuits and cross training.

Intramural Participation Accordion

No credit is granted for intramural sports participation.

Medical Excuse Accordion

A medical excuse may exempt a student from the graduation requirement. The exemption will be granted only by a college Dean, Academic Advisor or the Director, Wellness Education, Michelle Schrouder. One copy of the medical excuse (signed physician's memo) should be filed with the Wellness Education Program (Student Life Center Main Office) and the other copy taken to the student's academic department.

Military Duty Accordion

Students who have completed six months or more of active military duty are not required to complete the wellness education program, but are encouraged to enroll in any wellness course that may interest them.

Non matriculated Status Accordion

Non matriculated students are exempt from the wellness education requirement.

NTID Students Accordion

NTID Pre-Baccalaureate, AAS or AOS are required to complete one wellness activity course to satisfy their graduation requirement.

Prior Bachelor's Degree Accordion

Students who have acquired a prior Bachelor's degree are exempt from the wellness education requirement.

Students Enrolled in Online Degree Programs Accordion

Students enrolled in Online only degree programs are exempt from the wellness graduation requirement.