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First class

Rochester City Scholars graduate this May

By Michelle Cometa

The first class of Rochester City Scholars has set the academic bar high, aspiring to work in science, engineering, criminal justice and art. Accepted into RIT with strong academic records, these first students from the Rochester City School District are paving a future for themselves and other students from the district.

The program provides more than just scholarships for high-achieving students from ... (more)

Saving language, preserving culture

RIT linguist Wilson Silva treks through the Amazon to document dying languages

thumbnail imageBy Vienna McGrain

It’s natural to wonder—at times—if the work you’re dedicated to is really worth the hassle. Wilson De Lima Silva has similar moments of deep reflection—often occurring as he floats down the eerie, snake-infested rivers and streams of the Amazon basin in a three-person canoe.

Silva, a linguist and lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts’ Department of Sociology and Anthropology, has spent ... (more)

RIT honors outstanding professors of the year

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RIT pays tribute to faculty members hailed as the university's finest educators. Meet this year's outstanding professors of the year.

... (more)