Staff Recognition Awards shine spotlight on outstanding service

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RIT’s annual Staff Recognition Awards ceremony was held Oct. 6 in Ingle Auditorium, Student Alumni Union, and honored RIT employees for outstanding service and dedication to the university. Awards were presented based upon RIT’s core values: student centeredness; professional development and learning; integrity and ethics; respect, diversity and pluralism; innovation and flexibility; and teamwork and collaboration.

Staff Excellence Award winners were:

Karey Pine, director, Center for Campus Life
Comments on the nomination ballot included: “Karey’s most outstanding talent is her exceptional interpersonal skills. She has the keen ability to captivate an audience through her warmth, energy and ability to connect people from all abilities and backgrounds.”

Debbie Spencer, student services manager, Saunders College of Business
Nomination comments include: “Deb rarely says ‘no,’ especially if it’s to help a colleague, even if her plate is beyond full. She finds a way to fit it in and get it done, all with a smile and warm regard.”

Joe Johnston, associate director, Student Conduct and Conflict Management Services
Johnston was nominated in part for his ability to put students “completely at ease during the hearing by stressing to them that he is having a conversation with them.” He has proven himself to be “student-centered and tries to bring out the best in all of the students he interacts with.”

Public Safety Night Shift (John Bopp, John Connelly, Margaret Goodwin, Bill Herbst, Ginger Jones, Mike Koziol, Chris LoPiano, Erik Petersen, Ken Pettis, Matt Playfair, James Pressey, Essie Rankin, DJ Robinson and Kim Rose)
Nomination comments include: “Their contributions have had a major impact on the university, its goals and its students. Most people at RIT have never seen, heard or experienced the thousands of calls for service, some life-threatening and some life-saving, that this fine group handles in the course of a year.”

The Rising Star Award is presented to a staff member with three years or less of service. This year’s winner is Kenneth Preston from Facilities Management Services. Preston’s nomination cited a significant enhancement in morale due to his interaction with co-workers and that he is not afraid to think outside the box. “Kenneth not only takes pride in the quality of his work, but he takes pride in quality of life.”

The Dancy Duffus Outstanding Citizenship Award recognizes staff members who demonstrate a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity. This year’s honoree is Julia Lisuzzo. Her nomination cited an ability to communicate, facilitate and advocate for the best outcomes regarding RIT at all times. As part of a pilot program for human resources, Lisuzzo worked as a staff advocate, supporting core values of respect, diversity, pluralism and integrity and ethics. She is described as “eager and quick to learn and to take on greater responsibilities.”