RIT Filmmakers Present Work at 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival

School of Film and Animation students to screen films at Little Theatre April 30

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Bitter Tea is a live action film about a Chinese photographer.

Student filmmakers from Rochester Institute of Technology will screen their films April 30 at the 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival in Rochester. The 10 films represent the best work in various genres and were selected from hundreds of films produced by students in RIT’s School of Film and Animation.

The RIT graduate and undergraduate students will screen their films at 2:30 p.m. April 30 at the Little Theatre, 240 East Ave., Rochester. The films are animations, fiction, documentaries and experimental films.

The following is the list of students and their films to be featured as part of the program called “School of Film and Animation’s Emerging Filmmakers Program.”

Marjorie Boyle, Max Lopez and Sean Malony, Daedalum: An experimental narrative in mixed media animation, reflecting on reality and the forces that govern it.

Janine Carbone, Nacht: A 2-D animation about a young girl who must chase a monster through a nightmarish world to retrieve her beloved teddy bear. Along the way she discovers that the world is not as it first seems.

Mei-Yu Chen, Burning Bright: A 3-D animation where a land has long lost its vitality. Trees don’t grow, flowers don’t blossom and forests are in a state of perpetual gray and silence. A brave little boy finds a bag of relics and sets out to find out more about its mysterious contents, not realizing what he is heading into.

Shreyasi Das, Dissonance: A 3-D animated film about a robot in a room full of orderly clocks.

Alexandra DiTullio, Catching the Express: What happens when your train doesn’t take you where want to go, but where you need to go? Life is not always black and white, there is a gray area, and that’s where you choose your own path. And sometimes you meet people along the way that help you arrive at the right decision.

Cai Cai Liu, Bitter Tea: A film about a Chinese photographer, Chen, who lacks passion for his craft and attends a party where he finds his muse, Lisa. Inspired by Lisa’s sense of tradition, Chen seeks solace in her company. He soon finds it is impossible to fall in love with only an illusion.

Reed Nisson, The Strike of a Note: An experimental documentary that follows Eastman Broadband, a chamber ensemble from Eastman School of Music, as it tours from Rochester, N.Y., to Guanajuato, Mexico, to perform at an international music and arts festival. The film uses original compositions performed by the Broadband to drive the narrative.

Emily Sawdey, Walking with the Horse: A short documentary about therapeutic horseback riding in the lives of five people.

Jeremy Sickles, You’ll Feel Better: A short investigation into the reason we are brought up the way we are, how as children we are formed and molded to meet the expectations of others, how we know only what we know, and how hard it is to break the mold.

Robin Stanford, How Dolphin Made the Night: A curious dolphin knocks down the sun from the sky and accidentally creates more than the onset of the world’s first dusk. This digital 2-D animated film is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest Native American artwork, although the story is the artist’s original creation.

Following the show, audience members will be asked to select their favorite film. The winning student filmmaker will receive $200 from the School of Film and Animation. The curators of the School of Film and Animation’s Emerging Filmmakers Series are RIT film professors Cat Ashworth and Brian Larson.

For more information about 360 | 365, go to http://film360365.com.