Industry leader discusses how lean concepts can improve health-care systems

Alumnus Steve Matteson to speak at Kate Gleason College of Engineering Dean’s Speaker Series Dec. 8

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Steve Matteson

Lean concepts, once the mainstay of the manufacturing industry, are becoming increasingly integrated into health care to improve functions and decrease costs.

These concepts will be the topic of the next Kate Gleason College of Engineering Dean’s Alumni Speaker Series at 1 p.m. Dec. 8 in the Xerox Auditorium. It is free and open to students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Steve Matteson ’77, vice president and general manager of Simpler Health Care North America, will be the featured alumni presenter. He will discuss “Lean: Can Health Care Culture Change?” and detail how lean principles are being applied in health care and how they are transforming the industry.

Matteson brings more than 30 years of industry experience in the delivery of successful lean transformations across a broad range of industries including health care, commercial manufacturing, national defense and banking. In health care, he reduced patient flow-time in a clinic from 46 to 22 minutes, and the clinic is now expanding business and revenue totals on existing assets. He will expand on the Simpler process and how it can be applied to improve current problems and sustain improvements.

The Dean’s Alumni Speaker Series is sponsored by the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and RIT’s Office of Development. For more information, contact Donna Benier at 585-475-4045 or