RIT hosts information session for adult and continuing education candidates

Jan. 14 program provides essential information for prospective adult learners

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A. Sue Weisler

RIT will host an information session for adult learners Jan. 14 in the Bausch & Lomb Center. The session will provide information on changing careers, earning a degree and financial aid.

Today’s job market has caused more adults to take advantage of educational opportunities at colleges and universities. Rochester Institute of Technology is helping to address the needs of adult learners by offering a program that will help them sharpen their skills or earn a degree.

The information session will be held 5-7 p.m. Jan. 14 in the Bausch & Lomb Center on the RIT campus. The program is free and participants can register by going to www.rit.edu/emcs/ptgrad/events.php3 or by calling 866-260-3950 (toll free).

The session, which begins with a program overview, is particularly helpful to those individuals who are looking to update professional skills, complete a graduate or undergraduate college degree part time, or change career paths. Participants will be able to meet with admissions advisers, academic advisers and financial aid advisers. Recently displaced workers are encouraged to attend the information session to learn about special programs and services that RIT can provide to them. Spring semester classes begin Jan. 27.

“More and more individuals are making good use of their time to finish a degree or start a new one to make themselves more marketable or to provide them greater job security,” said Roch Whitman, senior associate director of RIT’s graduate and part-time enrollment services. “RIT is here to provide information to those individuals who are interested in completing undergraduate or graduate degrees on a part-time basis.”