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A message from the president

The cover story for this fall’s magazine is just a sample of the advances being made here at RIT today. Four years ago I first talked about starting a program called “First in Class.” I called it that because it was my goal that RIT become first in that class of universities that industry and government turn to when they seek academic partners. Today, the First in Class Initiative includes leading-edge research and teaching in remanufacturing, in printing and publishing, in microsystems and nanosystems, information technology, and – biotechnology. What was a dream four years ago is becoming a reality today.

Biotechnology – which includes bioinformatics – is one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. With a foundation in miniaturization, information technology and microsystems, and the explosion of information about the human genome, this emerging field offers tremendous opportunity for a better society and quality of life. I hope you will enjoy reading how RIT is contributing to this national effort.

In the past year, I have traveled from coast to coast, in each city meeting with a few alumni to talk about the RIT of today. I found that RIT graduates are pleased to see how RIT is growing and thriving. They want me to explain “bioinformatics.” And they are willing and anxious to help RIT achieve the next level of excellence. Some of their comments can be found in this magazine (see page 6). I hope you will be inspired to write and tell me what your dreams for RIT might be, and how we can better engage our alums in the exciting work being done here today. You can reach me at ajspro@rit.edu.

Finally, you have a chance to reconnect with other alums on the weekend of Oct. 10-13; Reunion 2002 will take place during the fifth annual Brick City Festival.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Cordially yours,
Albert J. Simone