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What they said about dorm life

"Living in a quad can be described as cozy, warm (code: really warm) and not the same Serta that I have at home. I must tell you that Student Government was wise to have us do this. I understand a few issues a bit more clearly now."
Mary-Beth Cooper, Vice President, Student Affairs

"I moved into a former lounge converted into a quad with three roommates. In some ways, it still operates as a lounge - just with three people living there. Over the course of the evening, many from the floor stopped by to do homework, play video games or watch Hole, The Simpsons or Family Guy."
Jon Maurer, Director, Global Risk Management Services Business Operations

"At 5 a.m., I woke up to get ready for my daily exercise - and all of a sudden, the strobe lights were flashing. Yeah, a fire alarm. We all had to walk down to outside. It was about a 30-minute wait. I found out it was due to food in a microwave oven."
Alan Hurwitz, President, National Technical Institute for the Deaf

"SG's Real RIT Dorm Challenge was the best, most impactful program I have ever seen during my three years at RIT . . . perhaps in my entire career. I loved sharing the student experience first-hand. It was an honor."
Heath Boice-Pardee, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

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