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Greek Memories

Note: The story “Brothers and Sisters” in the Winter 2009-10 issue of The University Magazine featured a number of photos from the RIT Archives. Readers responded, providing identifications and additional information. (The article and images can be seen online at

Several readers called with information about the teeter-totter, a fund-raiser that has been sponsored by a number of organizations over the years. Scott Dingman ’89 (photo illustration) of Raleigh, N.C., recalled that it was set up along the Quarter Mile between Clark Gym and the Woodward Swimming Pool by Tau Epsilon Phi (his fraternity) and Alpha Sigma Alpha during his years at RIT. Dingman was able to identify some of the people in the photo. From left are Chris Webber (standing), unknown student, Jim Mount, Tom Schade, unknown, Chris Marks (wearing a hat), Al Savagno, Daphne Demas, unknown, Dingman (turned away), Greg Rense (mustache), Tom Bocchia, and two others he could not name.

“Our fraternity raised thousands of dollars for charity,” says Dingman, who recently has been reconnecting with his former brothers through Facebook.

I received the latest issue of The University Magazine and wanted to tell you how I appreciate your publishing photos from bygone eras.

The photo of the three women doing high kicks was printed in the Techmilla ’52 yearbook. The caption reads “One! Two! Three! Up we go as Kappa Sig and Phi Up kick off the classroom dust at the annual Loafers Leap in the Powers Hotel.” The ladies are, from left, Carole Pfeiffer, Nan Hart and Laura Thompson. The legs belong to, from left, Mary Ingersoll, Sally Scott and Dotty Kenyon, all ’54 (retail management) except Dotty, who was ’53 (retail management). All were members of Phi Upsilon Phi, sister sorority to Kappa Sig.

The fellows in the “Who will be Cinderella?” photo, also from the ’52 Techmilla, are, from left, Joe Cornacchia ’52 (printing), Joe McKenna ’52 (printing), and an unknown person, all members of Kappa Sigma Kappa.

The photo of a group of men holding hearts was printed in Techmilla ’51 and captioned “Pledges warble sweetheart advertising,” promoting the annual Sweetheart Ball sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa.

Lastly, not in the “Brothers and Sisters” article, but on page 34, an item in the Planned Giving spread about the Muntz sisters needs correcting. It is not “Irma” Muntz but “Irene.” She, her two sisters, brother and mother were my summer neighbors on Conesus Lake for many years. Irene was the consumer adviser for many years at Rochester Gas & Electric. You might say she was the Martha Stewart of RG&E, teaching cooking classes and experimenting with and creating recipes for customers.
The early ’50s were full of social events and being a much smaller institute back then, we knew almost all our fellow classmates. It was also a very serious time, educationally, as you can see from our manner of dress and demeanor. I would hope the present-day students realize what a special education they are receiving at this very prestigious school.
Kay Conlon ’52 (photography)
Avon, N.Y.

I especially enjoyed the winter 2009-10 edition of The University Magazine. The “Brothers and sisters” article contained pictures most familiar to me but I couldn’t identify any of the students. I was president of Gamma Phi Fraternity (then a local frat) who, along with their sister sorority, Alpha Psi, conducted the single largest social event at RIT (excluding spring weekend). Harvest Moon Ball featured big-name bands and vocalists.
Jesse Maffuid ’55 (mechanical engineering)
Cambridge, Md.

I just received the winter issue and can identify some of the pictures from the archives. In the Cinderella photo, the middle person is Robert Spinney (aka “Archie”) and this was a social of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity in 1950 or 1951. The men holding hearts are Kappa Sigma Kappa pledges before the Sweetheart Ball in February 1951.

I was the editor of SPRINT and first editor of the RIT Reporter. RIT was a great basis for future study: B.S. 1953 in graphic arts management from University of Houston, master’s in theology and pastoral counseling 1960 from Virginia Theological Seminary, and M.S. 1981 in adult learning and development from N.C. A.&T. State University. I continue to learn from life and work and hope to visit the campus before I die. Some contrast from downtown Rochester 1950-52!
Nelson Hodgkins ’52 (publishing and printing)
Pilot Mountain, N.C.

The photo labeled as “From Techmila 1983, members of the Phi Epsilon Kappa make fun of winter” is mislabeled. I was the photo editor of that year’s Techmila and I took that photo out at Mendon Ponds Park. They are my sorority sisters from Alpha Xi Delta.
Debra L. Rothenberg ’84 (photo illustration)
New York City

Greek Games

My friend Alicia DeBusk posted a message on my Facebook page saying that she had a surprise for me. Through my mind I was thinking my birthday is not until August and it was too soon to celebrate the holidays, so I met with her in person. She handed me The University Magazine and told me go to the end. I remembered Matthew Bezaire was telling me the same thing earlier.

My jaw dropped and a sweet memory rushed through my mind. I was thrilled to come across this picture. Alpha Sigma Theta sorority and Sigma Nu fraternity were partnered in a competition for the RIT Greek Weekend in 2003. We were racing against time doing various obstacles and at one point of the game we formed a human pyramid faster than the other teams. Through wonderful teamwork and quick strategy, we celebrated our success.

I immediately sent out the link to the article to other people in the photo through Facebook. The people in the picture were Dmitri Gadaev, Christopher Samp, Jeff Pratt, Eric Shuping, Arthur Pinkhasov, Jason Ricci, Alan Fagin, Jessica Freeman, Lindsey Buchko and Silvia Lopez.

I look at this picture thinking how fortunate I was being a Greek member, which has made a huge impact with my education at RIT. Yeah, go Greek!
Christopher Samp ’06, ’08 (science, technology and public policy)
Rochester Hills, Mich.

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