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A message from the President

It is a pleasure to write to alumni and friends of RIT and introduce the first issue of the expanded university magazine. In this issue, we are taking the opportunity to record and thank the many donors and volunteers who have made commitments to the university.

I am proud, too, to tell alumni and friends about The Campaign for RIT (see pages 6-11). This fundraising initiative is as critical to RIT's future as any of the other strategic programs undertaken in the past decade. And the campaign is only possible because of the university's success in recruiting higher caliber students and faculty. The value of an RIT degree has risen and so has the need for the kind of education RIT provides.

I hope that as you read about the campaign you will want to join the thousands of individuals, corporations and foundations that have invested in the university to date – with total contributions of $151 million. And I hope that you will begin to make giving to RIT an annual event. The percentage of alumni who make a gift to the university each year is one of the factors used to measure the success of the university. For many years RIT's “participation rate” has been well below the national average. Because of this, the strengths of the university are overshadowed in national rankings.

I ask each of you to consider making whatever gift you can in response to the annual appeal. Not only will your gifts be used in support of the educational needs of 15,317 RIT students, they also will help the university by showing the rest of the nation that RIT alumni support the kind of education that RIT stands for – career-focused, applications-oriented education that puts the needs of undergraduates first.

If you think RIT made a difference in your life, think of the difference you can make at RIT today.

Albert J. Simone