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A message from President Simone

Through stories on campus growth and new academic programs, readers of The University Magazine have seen the clear evidence of RIT’s continuing evolution. I believe our path over the past decade has led RIT from a good to very good university. The momentum we have achieved will propel RIT to become a truly great university.

Albert J. Simone

There are at least three reasons why we must pursue this goal. First, our continued leadership as a university of quality and relevance demands that we constantly stretch and innovate. Second, we owe it to our students, alumni, partners, and other supporters to be everything we can be. Third, we have an obligation as a leading institution of higher education to prepare the highest caliber of knowledge workers who will fuel the growth of our local, national and world economies.

In short, we simply cannot sit back and rest on our laurels. Yes, RIT is a very good university. But it is all too easy to become complacent, to lose vitality and forgo the opportunity to be great. Worse yet, if we fail to move forward, we run the risk of falling behind.

To ensure that RIT continues to follow the course that has been so diligently established over the past decade, we are creating a roadmap to carry the university from 2005 through 2015 – and, we believe, from very good to great. This requires more than a strategic plan: It requires a commitment from all segments of the university community to join in the journey toward RIT’s destiny. We do not intend to stray from RIT’s historic mission of preparing students for productive lives. Indeed, our highest hope is that RIT will become the first choice of the top students who seek a career-focused, technical education. Teaching will remain the fundamental purpose of RIT’s existence as we move forward.

Developing our strategy will be a major focus on campus through the current academic year with the objective of presenting the plan to the Board of Trustees for endorsement in July 2004. I trust you will be interested in our efforts, and future issues of The University Magazine will carry reports of our progress. In the meantime, I hope you will visit my new Web site at www.rit.edu/president where you will find the full text of recent papers I have written on RIT’s mission and vision for the future.

As always, I welcome your ideas and comments.

Cordially yours,

Albert J. Simone