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RIT class of 1952-53
Even after 50 years, readers were able to identify some of the faces in this student council meeting from the 1952-53 school year: No. 1, Robert Belnap, director of student activities; No. 2, Hope Miller, Clark Union counselor; No. 3, Don Nagel; No. 4, Jon Pownall; No. 5, Bill Clark; No. 6, Pat Richardson; No. 7, Richard Zakia; No. 8, Harris “Bud” Rusitzky; No. 9, Bernie Boston; No. 10, Don Lapomarda; No. 11, John Rodocha; No. 12, Earl Wolfe; No. 13, Joe McCarthy; No. 14, Ed Watson.

Editor’s note: Many readers recognized some of the people in the From the Archives photo in the Fall 2006 magazine (www.rit.edu/magazine). Following are some of their letters. Thanks to all who responded.

Edwin Krauss and Anray Anne Cross Ehasz
Edwin Krauss ‘57 and Mary Anne Cross Ehasz ‘57

Oh what great fun reviewing your page from the archives! As I was turning the page, Robert Belnap’s face caught my eye, then “Bud” Rusitzky and Joe McCarthy. I then realized this page contained “everyone” I went to school with.

Alas, the reason I could not fit a name to each face was that it’s a photo of a student council meeting during the 1952-53 school year. I was a freshman in September 1953. The faces I could not identify were students that did not return.

Mary Anne Cross Ehasz ’57 (art and design), another ’53 freshman, and I had great fun trying to figure what name went with what face. After all, we have both, for 50-some years, told anyone who would listen that we knew everyone on campus.

Thanks for the fun. See you at our 50th reunion next year!
Capt. Edwin Howard Krauss ’57
Amissville, Va.

The archives photo was a nostalgic surprise for me. It was taken at a student council meeting. Mr. Belnap (No. 1)), who was a math professor, was faculty adviser. I am in the center (No. 7); to my right is Jon Pownall (No. 4) and to my left Bernie Boston (No. 9). All three of us were freshman (1952-53) photo representatives.
Richard D. Zakia ’56 (photography),
professor emeritus
Apex, N.C.

No. 8 is Harris “Bud” Rusitzky, who started Serv-Rite, a Rochester food service company, and now serves on the RIT Board of Trustees. No. 9 is Bernie Boston, who was in Gamma Phi fraternity, of which I was president. He became a photographer in Washington, D.C. Other faces are familiar, but I can’t put a name to them.

I spent my entire career in the machine tool field, retiring in 1986. I led a trade mission into China in November 1975, the first-ever after Richard Nixon entered the People’s Republic of China. This opened China to American machine tools and the machine tool industry. Subsequently I did the same 15 times until I retired early.

Thanks to RIT, I was able to enjoy a fantastic career.
Jesse Maffuid ’55 (mechanical engineering)
Cambridge, Md.

The photo was taken at a student council meeting. I believe the man with the tie in the front row (No. 1) is Bob Belnap, director of student activities. The faculty adviser position, which I assumed in 1957 and relinquished about 1960, was under his direction.
Eugene H. Fram
J. Warren McClure Research Professor of Marketing,
E. Philp Saunders College of Business

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