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Remembering the women of Alpha Psi

Bill Destler
From left are: Row 1, Evelyn Beard, Marilyn Adams; Row 2, Janet Lucas, Irene Jankowski, Shirley Stage, Loretta Toczynski, Rose DiSalvo; Row 3, Dorothy Ames, Barbara Crump, Geraldine Warren, Elizabeth Schmid, Louise Keil, Lois Tobin, Estelle McKlinskey, Betty Ball.

Editor’s note: Several readers recognized the photo that appeared in the From the Archives page of the fall magazine. Thanks to all who helped identify it.

What a surprise to see the From the Archives picture in the fall issue of The University Magazine. It is a photo of members of Alpha Psi Sorority that appeared in the 1947 RIT yearbook, Techmila. I am on the left end of the top row.

A majority of the gals were enrolled in the food administration program. Incidentally, I was president of the sorority in 1948.

I have many fond memories of my years attending RIT and living at Kate Gleason Hall. I will be 80 years old next year and will never forget my learning experiences at RIT or my friends and teachers there.

Dorothy Ames Pomeroy ’48
(food service administration)
Brooksville, Fla.

Remembering Dick Kahane

I was vacationing in Tahoe when I learned that Dick Kahane ’66 (electrical engineering) was sick. Apparently, he had been diagnosed a few weeks before with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, with a poor prognosis. It got me thinking about all the good times we had at RIT.

I came on the old downtown campus as a freshman in the fall of ’65, and Dick graduated with an ASEE in ’66. We “hung out” a lot together, and stayed close until I graduated in ’71. The other members of the gang were Stu Elston, Jay Powell, Mary Ann Voisine (who was to later marry Jay), Ed Steffens (now teaching at the RIT Hospitality school) and Tom Nottingham. Our main hangout (other than getting sundaes at Betty Bryant’s drug store) was the radio station, or should I say radio stations. There were two at the time: WRIT, which broadcast throughout Nathaniel Rochester Hall (the men’s dorm), and WITR, which broadcast from the basement of one of the RIT buildings. We hand-built most of the equipment for both of the stations. Eventually, the stations combined into WITR and were re-located to the student union building on Troop Street. Again, Dick and our “gang” specified and installed all of the new equipment for the combined station.

Dick lived in the apartment across the hall from my wife and me. Our apartment building (207 Plymouth Ave.) was an old mansion near the downtown campus that had been converted to apartments. One of his “neighborly” duties was to help us with the problem with bats that would fly around the hallways at night. This was usually a little troublesome for him, since he absolutely hated bats. Dick had some speakers in that apartment that I acquired, and I am still using them.

Another of the group’s treats was to go to Uncle John’s Pancake House, usually on Friday nights. We would usually order “a dozen dollars and links,” which were small pancakes and sausages. Sometimes we would get a burger at the White Castle.

On weekends, Dick and I moonlighted for an electronics supply company installing TV antennas. Dick showed me what was involved, and we probably installed 50 or more antennas around the greater Rochester area.

Dick met his wife, Joanne, while in Rochester, and my wife, Carol, and I, along with some of the other gang, had the pleasure of helping Dick and Joanne move into their house on Wyand Crescent in Rochester.

I lost touch with Dick and Joanne after leaving Rochester. We re-connected about 10 years or so ago when I was visiting the campus, and kept in touch from time to time. Carol and I attended the Brick City Festival at RIT last year. We hooked up with Dick and Joanne and went out to dinner and a concert. We feel very fortunate we were able to make that connection.

It was a sad day when Joanne notified me that Dick had passed on Sept. 5 of this year. I have been in touch with the old gang since I heard about Dick’s illness, and they wanted to be sure I passed on their condolences. He will be missed by all of us.

The next time you listen to WITR, think of Dick.

Terry Clapham ’71 (electrical engineering)
Jamestown, Calif.

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