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What people are saying about President Destler:

Bill Destler

“President Destler is demonstrating leadership and vision in his role as a president. I am confident that he will make a lot of progress at RIT. I am confident in his vision to enhance innovation at the university, particularly with the students.”
Kimberly Baribeau Andersen ’85 (medical technology), West Lebanon, N.H.


Bill Destler

“President Destler is proud, excited and committed to taking the institute to the next level. RIT is on the right track and the new president wants RIT to get more exposure, which is the right thing. . . . In terms of advice, RIT should stick with the concept of utilizing alumni to get out to the high schools and promote the institute.”
Gary S. Avratin, ’89 (business administration, management), Sharon, Mass.


“President Destler has the talent and skills, both as a campus leader and community voice, to pick up effectively where President Simone left off. . . . He should strengthen the technology-transfer effort so RIT innovators can create new businesses here. And he should strive, along with all local college presidents, to bring students more into the life of the Rochester community. . . . Destler spoke of embracing innovation and fresh ideas. It’s a winning direction for his school and this community.”
Sept. 7 editorial, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

“It has quickly become clear that William Destler has no shortage of ideas. . . . Two aspects are particularly worth noting. First, his plan to make RIT ‘a national center of creativity and innovation.’ Second, his goal of making RIT a place where companies of all sizes can carry out short- and medium-term corporate research and development projects. . . . This is taking the partnership of business and the university to a new level.”
Sept. 7 editorial, Rochester Business Journal.

Bill Destler
(Cover photo by Dave Londres,
fourth-year photojournalism major)

“An artist himself – Dr. Destler plays the banjo and guitar and has an astounding collection of both – it seemed as if he and RIT were two of the same. Both split in half: one part engineer, one part artist. Each highly focused on innovation and entrepreneurship – uniquely quirky once you get to know them. The affable charm that exudes from Dr. Destler is likely the secret to his popularity at Maryland and will probably be his herald in Rochester.”
Reporter magazine

Bill Destler

“Dr. Destler is deeply committed to the success and improvement of our university. He has immersed himself within the community and continually reaches out to see what is going on. During his short tenure, he and his wife have had lunch on multiple occasions in the SAU cafeteria and attend campus events. Its refreshing to know that Dr. Destler genuinely cares about RIT students and faculty/staff members. He takes the time to listen and ask questions.

“The most valuable thing people appreciate and respect about a leader is the ability to listen. Dr. Destler has the drive to make this university a true ‘national treasure,’ but in order to do so, he needs to listen to not only his immediate vice presidents, but students and  faculty and staff members. It’s important to remember that sometimes the greatest ideas come from unexpected places.”
Ed Wolf, president
Sasha Malinchoc, vice president
RIT Student Government