Welcome to Minecraft Campus

There’s a digital version of RIT’s campus in the game Minecraft

Volunteers have been coming together to build a digital version of RIT’s campus in Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time. Students use math and creativity to make Minecraft RIT as exact as possible.

Brick by brick—that’s how members of RIT’s Electronic Gaming Society have built a digital version of the RIT campus in the video game Minecraft.

When the coronavirus pandemic moved things online, students turned to Minecraft as a way to stay connected with their universities. At RIT, the student-run casual game club has brought together more than 700 people to digitally rebuild The Sentinel sculpture, tunnels, and the rest of RIT at an exact 2:1 scale—both inside and out.

As the real-life university continues to grow each semester, Minecraft builders assemble every week to make digital updates and add new buildings. The Minecraft campus has even hosted an RIT commencement and a Humans vs. Zombies event.

Right now, anyone can view a 3D map of the campus on the EGS website at http://mc.server-egsrit.com:8123/. Java Minecraft players can also explore the digital campus on PC by joining the server using the IP address mc.server-egsrit.com. In the future, they hope to have tour guides who can guide people through the digital campus. To learn more about RIT's Minecraft campus, chat with EGS members on the Discord and social media listed on the RIT EGS website.



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