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Postdoctoral Scholars & Research Fellows

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Dennis Bowen
Postdoctoral Researcher
My research interests include the numerical simulation of astrophysically relevant systems in the strong-field regime of gravity. I am currently working on the development of new physics in a GRMHD code to study binary black hole (BBH) accretion disks during the general relativistic inspiral and merger phases. My primary goals are to understand the effects of the BBH parameter space on gas dynamics and the prediction of signatures unique to BBH mergers.
LAC- 2060
Email: dbb2737

James Healy
Postdoctoral Researcher

numerical relativity

SLA 1025 
Email: jchsma
Benjamin Lewis
Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: btlsps

Scott Noble
Associate Research Scientist

accretion disks, black holes, magnetohydrodynamics, strong-field regime of gravity

CAR 1025
Email: scnsma
Dary Ruiz-Roriguez
Postdoctoral Researcher
ENG 3195
Email: darpci
Postdoctoral Researcher
galaxy evolution, star formation, AGN


Email: kdtsps
Dmitry Vorobiev
Postdoctoral Researcher


I work on the development and characterization of instrumentation for astronomy and remote sensing,
particularly devices that measure the spectrum and polarization of light. 
CAR A270
Email: dxvpci
Postdoctoral Researcher
numerical relativity, computational astrophysics
SLA 1025
Email: mzilhao