Academic Advising

Advising is a collaborative education process whereby you and your advisors are partners in meeting essential learning outcomes, promoting your academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of your personal, academic, and career goals.

RIT Croatia provides advising services throughout a student’s academic career. Faculty Advisors, Coop advising and Academic Affairs each provide a part of academic advising.

RIT Croatia faculty play important roles in each student’s education and development. Students value relationships with their faculty as one of the most important and memorable parts of student life. All full-time instructors at RIT Croatia serve as faculty advisors. A student’s faculty advisor can answer questions and discuss concerns about overall grades, academic status, study habits, time management, GPA, probation, suspension, master’s degree continuation, and other issues related to success in college. Some faculty can also help students make decision about potential employment and careers. If students have any questions or concerns, they should contact their faculty advisor right away and schedule an individual appointment during his or her office hours. Office hours are posted on faculty office doors and in the lobby.

If students are on probation, or think they may find themselves on probation, they should see both their Faculty Advisor and Academic Advisor at the beginning of the term. He or she will help students plan how to study and use their time wisely. Faculty advisors can provide students important guidance about how to improve their grades for successful completion of the term.

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