Facade and Grimace Student Exhibition: The Figure Lost in Ideal Perceptions

Exhibition Dates: May 9 - May 16, Cultural Center "Micek", Remetinečki Gaj 27B

RIT Croatia is proud to announce the exhibition, "Facade and Grimace: The Figure Lost in Ideal Perceptions," featuring the compelling works of New Media Design (NMD) BFA students Shivika Chopra and Nora Miškulin. The exhibition, a culmination of their exploration and artistic expression within the RIT Croatia’s Honors Program, will be held at the Cultural Center "Micek" from May 9th to May 16th.

Mentored by RIT Croatia faculty member Stefanie Hudspeth, Shivika and Nora embarked on a transformative journey through the Drawing II Honors program. Their dedication, commitment, and passion for their craft have manifested in a thought-provoking exhibition that challenges societal norms, explores gender identities, and reflects on the pressures of modern culture.

Mentor Hudspeth expressed her excitement about the exhibition, stating, "The Drawing II Honors program provided a unique opportunity in which selected students got the chance to dive deeper into their artistic practice and push their creative boundaries. This was achieved through one-on-one critiques, extensive research, and consistent work from NMD students, Shivika and Nora. They were given the freedom to choose a concept they felt passionate about and through the usage of various materials and techniques which were explored in Drawing I and II, create a body of work. The program’s culmination is presented in the form of an exhibition."

Freshmen student Shivika Chopra, a passionate artist from Delhi NCR, India, delves into the complexities of female smiles in her series. Through her exploration, Shivika prompts viewers to contemplate the authenticity of societal expectations and challenges the notion of maintaining a constant, superficial smile. Her use of soft pastels and charcoal creates a captivating narrative that invites introspection. “My aim was to find my artistic voice by exploring the complexities of female smiles”, says Shivika. “The opportunity to have my first solo exhibition under the Honors Program is one I am very grateful for, it has given me the platform to showcase my ideas and beliefs. Taking my learnings from our classes further has been deeply enriching and I am really excited to see the work displayed at the exhibition!”

Nora Miškulin, also a first year student, explores the intersection of societal norms, identity fluidity, and the pressures of modern productivity culture. Nora's work challenges viewers to consider the motivations behind their actions and the impact on their well-being. Using charcoal, pencil, and other mediums, she crafts a series that sparks reflection and dialogue. “RIT Croatia's Honors Program has enabled me to bring to life an idea I've been pondering for some time,” Nora says. “While its core remained unchanged, witnessing its evolution has been extremely rewarding. There had been three main driving forces behind this collection; the exploration of the unconventionally beautiful, the self-inflicted mental damage of the modern man, and the creative urge of little me to design my own deck of cards. I've crafted this series to provoke introspection. The collection holds equal value in the display of artistic skill and the underlying philosophical themes. I hope each card in this collection serves you as a mirror, as a provocation to think about the motivation behind your actions, about the life you chase and about the damage you inflict upon your own mind.”

Facade and Grimace: The Figure Lost in The Ideal Perception, is an exhibition that aims to spark a conversation about societal ideals of behavior and beauty and the pressure it has on individuals. Both students touch upon topics of oppression, regardless of gender and regardless of how “insignificant” they might appear at first glance.

The exhibition "Facade and Grimace: The Figure Lost in Ideal Perceptions" is open for public form May 9th – May 16 at the Cultural Center MICEK, located at Remetinečki Gaj 27B.


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