Our students visited RIT Venture Capital Forum in Boston

Our students Josip Vukašin, a Hospitality and Tourism Management student at the Dubrovnik campus, and Antonia Kurtović, a Global Business Management/IB student at the Zagreb campus, attended the RIT Venture Capital Forum event in Boston, MA, in March.

The 5th Annual RIT Venture Capital Forum offered RIT students an amazing chance to immerse themselves in the realms of entrepreneurship and investment! This event involves three days of learning and networking for RIT students with RIT alumni who have impressive and successful experience in entrepreneurship and startups. The workshops provided students with a comprehensive insight into venture capitalists and the investment decision-making process for early-stage start-up companies, a profound understanding of fundraising processes for early-stage start-up companies. Students also had access to several guest speakers and panelists, as well as company visits such as Google. During the three-day gathering, there were a total of 12 students from all six RIT campuses. Among them were Josip and Antonia, who shared their experience.

Opportunities for Professional and Personal Development

„Both of us are interested in entrepreneurship and are working on numerous projects. The goal of the Forum was to learn more about venture capital investing in three days, be inspired by success stories of entrepreneurs from the RIT community, and visit several major companies and startups.“ says Antonia. Josip adds that the reason for attending the Forum was to strengthen connections with people in the industry he intends to work in.

„I considered this event an excellent opportunity for my professional and personal development. Moreover, I view the USA as the birthplace of modern business and endless business innovations, so the decision to apply was unquestionable. I embarked on the journey with expectations of meeting new people with whom I might even succeed in establishing business collaboration and learning something new from them. Primarily, I expected an exchange of experiences and laying a good foundation for working with international companies,“ he explained.

Both Josip and Antonia attended lectures and workshops where they learned more about personal development, the development of the service or product they wish to sell, and how startup companies are financed.

Antonia said that one of the topics most entrepreneurs touched upon was, unexpectedly -  burnout. „Since my startup focuses on developing solutions for improving mental health, it was interesting for me to listen to their experiences. This experience will influence the direction in which I will continue to develop my startup,“ she believes.

Josip adds that, above all, he gained experience in negotiation, which he had not had the opportunity to apply before. „I overcame the fear of the unknown and took a step further in personal development as a communicative person, considering that a few years ago my communication skills were not at the desired level. In addition to the theory conveyed by the speakers, I also learned how to use my skills to contribute to the business I work for or will establish. Finally, perhaps the most important skill I gained was how to present myself as a valuable addition to any company,“ he emphasized.

This event allows students from RIT's global campuses to connect with the dynamic entrepreneurial environment in the United States. Engaging in such events not only expands RIT students' professional connections but also exposes them to a wide range of viewpoints and collaboration possibilities that extend beyond geographical boundaries. This is yet another testament to the unique advantages of studying at RIT – a university dedicated to academic excellence and empowering students to explore, innovate, and succeed on a global scale.


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