Rozalija Francesković: Balancing College and Entrepreneurship

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Rozalija Francesković is an inspiring Hospitality and Tourism Management student at RIT Croatia who just completed her third year while successfully running her own business! Despite balancing college and entrepreneurship challenges, Rozalija has managed to excel in both fields. In this article, we delve into how she navigates the demands of academia and her thriving business.

Coming from Montenegro, Boka Bay, she realized the importance of showcasing her country's best to locals and tourists. “RIT Croatia has helped me gain the confidence to pursue my dreams and make them a reality”, she explains.

Rozalija's business was created during the global pandemic in 2020. At that time, she was finishing high school and had a lot of free time which inspired her to start something independently. “Art and fashion are my true loves, and with Dose de Rose, or a daily dose of me, I found the perfect balance between fashion and art”, Rozalija says. The name of Rozalija's collection Ljuljala se barka comes from a song her parents used to sing to her. The song features children on a boat in front of the island of St. Marko. Dose de Rose gained an authentic touch by including children in the campaign for her latest collection. Following the essence of the song Ljuljala se barka, it brought positive results for the brand! “Children are honest, and I value their genuine feedback. When they expressed their preferences, I trusted their sincerity”.

 The rich cultural heritage of Boka Bay inspires the collection. The collection captures the essence of relaxation and vibrant colors of the Adriatic coast, offering wearable art that resonates with locals and tourists. „Each piece, from pareos to bags, T-shirts, and hats, reflects nostalgic memories of my childhood by the sea“, she says.

To ensure that each piece in her collection tells a unique story and resonates with her audience, Rozalija takes a hands-on approach. “I paint everything and act as my first customer – if it suits me, I believe it will resonate with everyone”. Rozalija handles every aspect of the design process, ensuring that each piece reflects her vision and passion for blending art and fashion. “This personal involvement guarantees that every item embodies a distinctive narrative and connects authentically with my audience”.

Education is key

The knowledge and skills acquired from Rozalija's studies have been invaluable to her business practices at Dose de Rose. “My education at RIT Croatia has provided me with a strong foundation in business management, marketing, and customer service, which I apply daily”. Rozalija gave an example, stating that the principle of marketing she learned at RIT Croatia has helped her to promote her brand and engage with the audience. “My studies in hospitality and tourism management have taught me the importance of creating memorable customer experiences, which I strive to do with every product and interaction“.

Marketing, business courses, and projects helped Rozalija design a collection for Dose de Rose. “I remember the business pitch at the end of my first year, which was a real challenge because I didn't understand much. By the end of the third year, we had an entrepreneurship course with a similar project. This time, I realized how far I had come and how much I had learned“, she explains. The courses at RIT Croatia taught Rozalija how to reach her audience, manage finances, and blend creativity with practical business strategies.

Future of Dose de Rose

Looking back at the success of her previous collections, such as Ljeto ide mala... and  Boche di Cattaro, Rozalija feels a deep sense of accomplishment. Both collections resonated well with customers, and it's evident that they eagerly anticipate her new ideas every summer. Rozalija's plan for Dose de Rose is to continue growing. She aims for it to evolve into a year-round operation instead of solely being a seasonal summer job. Rozalija is excited about expanding her product line and exploring new ways to reach a wider audience. „Stay tuned for upcoming projects and collections that will showcase our commitment to blend fashion, art, and the lively essence of coastal living“, Rozalija concludes!


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