The Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson’s office is a place students can visit to bring any type of concern or question they may have. In a safe and confidential manner, we listen to students who share both academic and personal concerns, so that we can help guide them through the problem-solving process.

Students come with various concerns, ranging from issues with lack of academic preparedness and motivation, difficulties adjusting to college life, concerns with a course or connecting with faculty, challenges with a colleague or issues with managing group work, academic dishonesty questions, to personal issues that touch upon family and relationship difficulties.

The Ombudsperson supports students by attentively listening to them, to fully understand all aspects of the issue, asking follow-up questions and providing guidance as appropriate. Through talking out the issue, we empower students to set forth (agree upon) the best course of action to solve the matter, and work with them to bring resolution.