Community Involvement

Student Engagement

We value creating an inclusive environment and a community around food. We collaborate with student clubs and organizations to diversify our events and cuisines. Students can participate in meaningful experiences that broaden their palates through culinary exploration. We partner with others to host cultural-themed meals and taste tests of new cuisines. Student ambassadors develop critical thinking and communication. Student employees learn essential life skills like cooking, cleaning, and leadership. 

We are active participants in the Student Government's housing and dining committee. We seek solutions that concern current students, from sustainability and Halal options to food insecurity and meal plan changes.

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Community Engagement

We are present and involved in organizations locally and nationally. We donate our time and expertise to help others improve operations, develop management skills, and enhance dining programming. We serve on national committees and boards for culinary federations, universities, and dining professional organizations. 

Our most valued engagement is giving back to the Rochester community. Learn the various ways we support our community.

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Recipe for a C.U.R.E.

Gracie’s team volunteered and served a special menu for the 14th annual Recipe for a C.U.R.E. to raise funds for C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer Association.

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Catering Truck and Food

Dining donates meals to medical personnel

RIT Dining helps hundreds of healthcare professionals by sending packaged meals to Rochester Regional Health.


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Food pantry stock to plant-based meals

RIT chefs transform everyday ingredients into plant-based meals at FoodShare.

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RIT FoodShare

The RIT FoodShare Center was established in 2015 with two simple goals: to reduce food waste on campus and to provide RIT community members with access to safe and nutritious food. FoodShare has ensured access to nutritious food for almost a thousand community members annually.

Ways We Partner

  • Meals are packaged and delivered when there is excess food from our dining locations and special events.
  • We sponsor a Giving Tuesday event (in November) to raise funds for essential pantry items and financial donations.
  • We host donation drives at the end of each semester. The drives allow students to purchase and donate food and essentials from The Corner Store and The Market at Global Village.

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