Building a greener tomorrow, one meal at a time.

Sustainability is a core value. We prioritize local sourcing to minimize carbon emissions and support our regional economy. We work to eliminate food waste through careful menu planning and portion control. We encourage you to advocate for others to make sustainable choices. Let’s savor good food, make sustainable choices, and create a healthier future together!

Food Sourcing

bees on a hive

Thoughtful Sourcing

Every meal is a conscious choice towards sustainability. We meticulously consider the sources of our food, prioritizing local suppliers. Embracing locally sourced ingredients supports our regional economy and reduces carbon emissions. We respect diverse dietary needs, variety, and nutritional balance in our menus. Hence, while we strive to prioritize local sourcing, we supplement our offerings with responsibly sourced ingredients and animal welfare in mind from further afield. 

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Waste Reduction

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Every decision is driven by our commitment to reducing food waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. We carefully plan our menus to optimize ingredient usage. We also implement portion control measures to prevent overproduction and encourage responsible consumption. As we work towards achieving net zero status, we continuously assess and improve our processes at every stage of production and consumption.

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Your Role

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Promoting Reusable Alternatives

We all play a pivotal role in fostering sustainability on campus. With initiatives like our on-campus bottle return program and the use of OZZI containers for takeout, we encourage you to actively participate in reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting reusable alternatives. Moreover, with over 30% of our food options being plant-based, you can make environmentally conscious dietary choices that contribute to lowering your carbon footprint. By embracing these initiatives and choosing sustainable dining options, you become integral partners in our mission to create a greener campus community.

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Sustainability Dining News

Chef Stacy and Chef Jamie

RIT Chefs Transform Everyday Ingredients into Plant-Based Meals

Preparing plant-based meals does not take more effort or cost more than your average dinner. That is exactly what RIT chef de cuisine James Balch and Stacy Krebbeks set out to prove during a live demonstration at RIT FoodShare, the campus’ community pantry.


Water Bottle Station

RIT eco-friendly initiative reimplements packaged water policy starting April 1

RIT is reimplementing its policy against the use of packaged water. Beginning April 1, university funds may no longer be used to purchase still, unflavored, or packaged water. The policy applies to all single-serve water regardless of container material, size, event type, and purchase method.

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ordering at a station

RIT commits to 50% plant-based dining options by 2025

Rochester Institute of Technology has pledged that by 2025, it will have 50 percent plant-based dining options.

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