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Staff Directory

Dining Business Office (Meal Plans, Tiger Bucks, and Conference Groups)

Erin Hartter
Business Relations Manager
Nathan Munger
Finance & Reporting Analyst
Kristyn Hillman
Sr. Staff Specialist / Assistant to Executive Director

Senior Leadership

Susan Blaha
Associate Director - Business Services
Mary Anne McQuay
Registered Dietician, Manager CBORD MMS
Herlan Manurung
Associate Director - Corporate Executive Chef
Karla Orozco
Director of Operations - Retail and Convenience Stores
Don LaFlam
Executive Director

Café & Market at Crossroads

Rebecca White-Stone
General Manager
Brett Kremer
Assistant Manager
James Balch
Chef De Cuisine, Crossroads
James Richmond
Staff Assistant

Ctrl Alt Deli

Michelle Fischer
Manager, Ctrl Alt Deli
Janemarie Iverson
Supervisor, Ctrl Alt Deli
Zach Siembor
Sous Chef

Global Village Cantina & Grille (Salsarita's, Hissho Sushi, Global Grille), The Market at Global Village

Shawn Boyle
General Manager, Cantina and Grille and GV Market
Debbie Holden
Assistant Manager, Cantina and Grille and GV Market
Susie Freeman
Supervisor, Global Village Cantina and Grille
Jessica Nobrega
Supervisor, Global Village Market
Jason Knight
Supervisor, Cantina and Grille, The Global Market
Cari Johnson
Supervisor, Cantina and Grille, The Global Market

Midnight Oil

Rebecca White-Stone
General Manager
Open Position
Assistant Manager
Caitlin Ward

Artesano Bakery & Café

Denise Newman
Supervisor, Artesano Bakery & Cafe
Lindsay White
Sous Chef, Artesano Bakery & Cafe

Brick City Café, RITZ Sports Zone

Wendy Legler
General Manager of SAU Dining Operations
Dennis Carroll
Assistant Manager of SAU Dining Operations
Eric Mercovich
Chef De Cuisine of SAU Dining Operations
Christina Bice
Supervisor, Brick City Cafe
Carol Lynne Zamites
Supervisor, RITZ Sports Zone
Patrik Swanson
Supervisor, RITZ Sports Zone

Campus Concessions

Open Position
Concessions/Assistant Manager of Dining Central
Ethan Berger
Concessions Supervisor

RIT Catering

Autumn Geer
Chef de Cuisine, RIT Catering
Todd Raethka
Manager, Catering Operations
Cathy Rappazzo
Sales Manager
Stephanie Berman
Sales Supervisor
Jessica Guckian
Sales Supervisor
Alicia Ross
Sales Supervisor
Lance Strasser
Event Supervisor
Charlene Landry
Event Supervisor
Julia Vaccaro
Event Supervisor
Marguerita Newton
Event Supervisor

Nathan’s Soup and Salad

Karla Orozco
Director of Operations - Retail and Convenience Stores

The Commons, The College Grind

Daniel Giroux
General Manager, The Commons & The College Grind
Paul Maushart
Assistant Manager, The Commons & The College Grind
Justin Pulver
Staff Assistant
Daniel Levato
Chef de Cuisine
Kiana Brandon
Supervisor, The Commons
Hope Hollenbeck
Supervisor, The Commons
Katie Nielsen
Supervisor, The Commons
Brian Sullivan
Supervisor, The College Grind
Clifford Cisco
Supervisor, The Commons

The Corner Store, Sol’s Underground

Suzanne Winter
General Manager, Residential Stores
Aaron Bauschard
Assistant Manager, Residential Stores
Tracey Courtwright
Supervisor, The Corner Store
Sandy Jones
Supervisor, The Corner Store
Natalie Vega
Supervisor, The Corner Store
Roderick Huckabee
Evening Supervisor, Corner Store
Trevor Smart
Supervisor, Sol's Underground

Gracie’s, Beanz

Geoff Fasy
General Manager,Gracie's and Beanz
Barbara Huckabee
Staff Assistant
Jeff Glanton
Assistant Manager, Gracie's and Beanz
Open Position
Chef de Cuisine
Shanel Levey
Supervisor, Gracie's
Lance Schoeps
Supervisor, Gracies
Dylan Schuler
Supervisor, Gracie's
Jessica Alescio
Supervisor, Gracie's and Beanz
Wendy Hancock-Cerami
Supervisor, Beanz


Donna Sandlin
Director, Policy & Compliance, Auxiliary Services
Stacey Clements
Safety, Compliance, & Training Manager, Auxiliary Services
Rona Skinner
Executive Director, Business Strategies & Technology, Auxiliary Services
McLean Bulmer
Associate Director of Business Strategies & Technology Management, Auxiliary Services
John LaFrance
Assistant Director, Retail Systems
Shauna Cross
Assistant Director of Creative, Auxiliary Services
Denishea Ortiz
Executive Director, Strategic Marketing and Retail Product Management, Auxiliary Services
Open Position
Assistant Director of Marketing, Auxiliary Services
David Brault
Director, Tait Preserve and University Agriculture Operations
Controller's Office, Partnerships
Finance and Accounting