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How to Report an Emergency

Contact Public Safety (585) 475-3333 or Text (585) 205-8333 – Available 24 hours

5 Reporting Tips

  1. Give your name, telephone number and location, and the nature and location of the emergency.
  2. Do not jeopardize your safety or the safety of others in attempting to save personal or University property.
  3. Before taking any action, be sure you are not endangering yourself. Avoid unstable structures, hazards, electrical wires, toxic fumes, chemical spills, fire, etc.
  4. Don't hang up until the person answering the call ends the conversation.
  5. Learn where the blue-light call boxes are located on campus.

4 Evacuation Tips

  1. Remain calm, use common sense, and render assistance. Don't panic.
  2. Evacuate buildings immediately via the nearest stairwell upon the request of authorities, upon hearing an audible alarm, or when remaining in the building becomes life-threatening.
  3. Know the location of at least two emergency exits in your working area.
  4. Keep a flashlight handy if you are in an area without natural lighting.

5 Safety Tips

  1. Be proactive and report any suspicious activity on campus to the Public Safety Department at (585) 475-3333(V/TTY).
  2. Lock all windows and doors that should be locked after the close of business.
  3. Make certain that doors are not propped open.
  4. You know best who should be in your office and lab areas. If you see someone who appears to be out of place or who is exhibiting suspicious behavior, immediately call the Public Safety Department at (585) 475-3333(V/TTY).
  5. If you receive a threat, either by phone or mail, immediately call Public Safety at (585) 475-3333(V/TTY).