Public Safety Authority

Public Safety Officers are proprietary security officers of the Institute and receive their authority to maintain public order on the campus from the New York Education Law. This requires all colleges and universities in New York to adopt and file with the regents and commissioner of education "rules and regulations for the maintenance of public order on college campuses and other college property." In protecting the academic interests of the Institute and ensuring an orderly environment for the promotion of educational progress, Public Safety is empowered to enforce institutional regulations and policy.

Public Safety coordinates all requests for services from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other emergency medical and environmental response teams to campus. They conduct foot, mobile, and bike patrols of campus residence halls, apartments, and academic buildings 24 hours a day, with four patrol vehicles and mountain bikes.

If you need any of the services below, contact us at Telephone: 585-475-2853 or Text: 585-205-8333


Public Safety Services

  • Safety Escort service (mobile and walking)
  • Blue-light courtesy call boxes
  • Crime prevention awareness programs and informational displays
  • Lost and found
  • Assistance with class projects
  • Motorist assists
  • Apartment lock-outs
  • Emergency notifications
  • Fire evacuations
  • Emergency first aid
  • Security surveys
  • Victim and Witness Assistance