TigerSafe is the official safety app of Rochester Institute of Technology. RIT Public Safety has worked to develop a unique app that provides students, faculty and staff with added safety on the RIT campus. The app will send you important safety alerts and provide instant access to campus safety resources.

TigerSafe News Feed

Tiger Safe news feed app screen


The TigerSafe News Feed posts updates about anything important that is happening on campus. This can be very useful in case of emergency situations.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts app screen


These are direct links to emergency and non-emergency lines including Public Safety and 911. These links are especially helpful in case you don’t have these phone numbers saved in your phone.

Mobile BlueLight

Mobile Blue light screen


BlueLights have been established around college campuses all over as a safety precaution. The TigerSafe app has its own Mobile BlueLight. Press the blue button on the app to alert Public Safety of your emergency. If you have your location enabled on the app, they will come to you.

Request Assistance

Request Assistance app screen


To contact Public Safety for non-emergency support such as a vehicle jumpstart, room lockout, noise complaint, etc. fill out the form under Request Assistance and an Officer will be dispatched to assist you.

Friend Walk

Friend Walk app screen


Those late library nights are about to start coming more and more often. Although RIT is perfectly safe, you might want to have a friend keep an eye on you as you’re walking home late at night to feel more comfortable. Go to the Friend Walk section of the app to share your location with a friend so they can watch and make sure you reach your destination.

Say Something

Say Something app screen


If you see something, you need to say something - but where? This feature includes a Say Something Hotline and a Real Time Hotline Chat with Public Safety. This feature is fully confidential. If you are concerned by something you see on campus, it is always better to be safe and report it than be sorry later.

Safety Toolbox

Tiger Safe Toolbox


In your Safety Toolbox, you have the ability to:

  • Chat with Public Safety in case of a situation.
  • Use “I’m OK!” button to write a quick note and send your location to your friends and family in case of an emergency situation.
  • Schedule an automated call prior to entering a difficult or potentially dangerous social setting.
  • Share your location on a map with a friend in case they need to know your whereabouts.
  • Check your Notification History.
  • Turn on your phone’s flashlight.

Campus Map

Campus Map app screen


This is handy for everyday occurrences or in times of emergency. This campus map is an easy way to find all things on campus, including parking lots and buildings.

Support Resources

Support Resources app screen


If you or a friend is struggling and need support, there is a full list of resources directly on the app. Even if you don’t need these resources today, it may come in handy in the future.