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Skin-to-Skin Snuggle and Pump

Exhibit Code: INS-1950
Zone: Engineering Park
Location: Institute Hall (INS/073) - Lounge
Time: All Day
Appropriate for all ages? Yes

Skin-to-skin contact and breast milk nutrition are essential for the physical and emotional development of newborns, especially preemies. Working alongside UR Medicine Golisano Children's Hospital, we have designed a garment to provide skin-to-skin contact between parent and newborn allowing freedom for the parent to pump breast milk and maintain range of motion. Stop by to see the Skin-to-Skin Snuggle and Pump and learn more about the benefits of parents holding their babies closer, longer.

Alessandro Fabiano, Alyssa Tatti, Alyssa Clymer, Bryce Zimmerman, Hannah Giancola


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