J-1 Academic Training: Department Recommendation Letter Form

This form is for use by academic advisors or faculty advisors to serve as their recommendation letter in support a J-1 student’s request for Academic Training work authorization.

Please note: 

  • All fields are required.
  • Academic Training prior to degree completion requires co-op registration. 

Questions? Email ISS Advisor Megan Kless at mkiss@rit.edu

Ex: “serve as an intern at Tyco Electronics’ Wireless System Segment”
Ex. “Student in the Telecommunications Engineering Technology program. Wireless communication has been one of the fastest growing areas in global telecommunications. Student will gain valuable practical experience in this area that will supplement the material covered in courses at RIT."
Ex. “RIT’s hands on application of knowledge in the workplace is a major factor in distinguishing RIT graduates from graduates of other institutions. Years of experience with coop and internships have shown that employers place high value on the experience that RIT’s students gain from such assignments.”
I recommend this student for this Academic Training program and confirm it is related to their field of study and an integral or critical part of their academic program.