We know that safety is an important factor while studying in the United States.

Our campus is safe and secure and on 1,300 acres with blue-light emergency notification kiosks. There is also a Student Health Center on campus and RIT has their own ambulance service.

Frauds and Scams

For the latest, review this guide by the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators.

Public Safety

RIT’s Public Safety team is committed to the diverse needs of the RIT community and strives to promote a pleasant and safe environment. For more information, visit the Public Safety website. Also consider installing RIT’s official safety app, Tigersafe, on your mobile device.

Contact RIT Public Safety
Call: 585-475-3333
Text: (585) 205-8333

Safe Community

Megan Kless
Megan Kless

We want you to always feel welcome and safe here at RIT - and throughout your stay in America. Every year a few students are victimized by financial scam artists through a phone call or online methods. Before giving out any person information, and certainly before paying any money (even if the caller claims to be “immigration” or “a police officer”), please check with our office or RIT’s office of Public Safety. If you have any concerns about travel, working off-campus, personal or relationship safety matters, our team is always available to you. You can always feel comfortable asking us confidential questions, and we’ll help you find the answers.