Living in Rochester

The RIT campus is located in Western New York outside of the city of Rochester. The Rochester area is large enough to provide the dining and nightlife opportunities you might expect in a bigger city, but it’s also small and friendly enough to be inviting and accessible.


Rochester experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and sunny averaging from high 70° F to low 80° F with hot and muggy stretches. Autumn is very pleasant and mild and starts to bring in the cold air late October to early November. Winters are cold, around mid-30° F, cloudy and snowy. The snowfall averages around 25 inches per month during the winter and can last from late December until early March. Spring comes slowly but brings with it warmer temperatures and much more sun.

On-Campus Housing

RIT Housing offers you a variety of apartments, suites, and residence halls. They provide a secure, supportive, and inclusive environment for living and learning. Visit RIT Housing to check out housing options, dimensions, rent rates, and the benefits to living on campus.

Housing Connections

Connecting students in need of a room to current vacancies in apartments and suites.

Shipping Belongings

If you plan to live in a Residence Hall, you may ship your baggage or other items to RIT before your arrival. Packages under a certain weight can be mailed by International Parcel Post. This method is usually less expensive than using a shipping company. Consult your local post office for details. If you do ship your belongings, the company must have a US agent to make sure your packages clear customs. Please do not send baggage more than two weeks before your expected arrival.

Use the following address when shipping your belongings:

Your Name
Grace Watson Hall
Rochester, NY 14623

Students living in the RIT apartments should not send their belongings ahead. Do not send baggage to International Student Services.

Off-Campus Housing

Please consider transportation to and from campus, especially if you do not have a car. Certain off-campus locations subsidize the RIT shuttle, and others do not. Consult the RIT shuttle routes and Regional Transit Service (RTS) routes prior to signing a lease if you will need to use public transportation.

Tips and Considerations:

  • Additional costs: Utilities, fees, furniture rental, etc.
  • Distance from campus: The only off-campus apartments that are within walking distance of RIT are The Province, Park Point, and APEX.
  • Weather: Consider how the weather will affect your transportation in the winter.
  • Furnishing your apartment: Most apartments are not furnished, so consider the cost of buying new or used furniture.
  • Amenities: Some apartment complexes offer amenities at no additional cost. Examples: fitness center, sports playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, pool, laundry facilities, and business center.
  • Lease Terms: Lease (rent) term is usually one year, shorter periods might be available for a surcharge.
  • Security deposit: Security deposits need to be submitted with the application in an amount equal to 1-2 months rent.
  • Additional Costs: Your payment may or may not include water, gas, electric, cable, internet access, garage, and/or laundry.
  • Proof of income: You might be required to present proof of income, and/or a co-signer or guarantor might be required for non-US residents.

We recommend visiting Off Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) once you arrive for additional support.

Searching for an Apartment

When searching for an off-campus apartment, use our Henrietta ZIP code, 14623.