Extending Your Stay

If you are not able to finish your program by the end date noted on your I-20 or DS-2019, you can request an extension of your program.

The length of time allowed for an extension is based on the recommendation of your academic adviser. J-1 students on Fullbright or similar sponsorship, should talk to their sponsoring agency advisor about eligibility and procedures to extend the DS-2019.

Deadline for Extensions

An extension of your I-20 or DS-2019 must be completed before the end date of the document. If your I-20 or DS-2019 expires while you are still a student, you will be considered in violation of your status.

How to Apply

  • Your academic advisor submits the Program Extension Form, indicating the new term in which you will graduate, to iss@rit.edu
  • After the application is processed, the ISS advisor will email you the updated I-20 or you will be notified by email that the updated DS-2019 is available for pick-up in our office.

J-1 Scholars

J-1 scholars must request an extension of their DS-2019 prior to the current DS-2019 program end date. Extensions must be supported by the RIT host department, and are subject to J-1 category time limits. The Research Scholar and Professor categories of J-1 status allow a maximum of 5 years of participation, and the Short-Term Scholar category allows a maximum of 6 months.

To request an extension of a J-1 Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-Term Scholar DS-2019, please email iss@rit.edu with the following:

  1. Copy of new RIT reappointment or invitation extension letter
  2. If the letter above does not include funding information, please provide additional financial documentation
  3. If you are subject to 212(e) (the two-year home residency rule), please confirm in your email that you have not submitted an application for a waiver of this rule
  4. Confirm in your email that you will continue to maintain your health insurance per J-1 regulations (see part f on page 2 of your DS-2019 for details)
  5. Confirm in your email your current US residential and contact information

An ISS advisor will process your DS-2019 extension and will email you when the updated DS-2019 is available for pick-up in the ISS office.