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Demo opening CSL files to show and listen to spectrograms

Spectrograms can be obtained from files to show models and student productions that provide rationale for therapy direction

CSL files demonstrate vowel in single word

CSL allows student-therapist comparisons of vowels

CSL allows description of articulation shaping and progress toward therapy targets

CSL provides visuals for therapist to promote gradual approximation and explain how student is moving toward success. This sequence shows an instructional strategy of shortening vowel duration

CSL visually facilitiates strategy of repeating vowels in mulitple word utterances

CSL promotes coarticulation in word combinations to avoid overtraining on isolated vowels

CSL displays samples taken from language samples to display coarticulation. The CSL can support the instructional strategy of extending utterance length

CSL assesses vowels in phrases and supports the strategy of producing vowels in additional phonetic contexts.

CSL Sonomatch can capture sustained vowel in isolation and provide a visual display. This display of formants contrasts with the spectrographic display which can capture vowels in context.