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You can choose various programs from the Visi-Pitch to practice achieving an appropriate pitch level.

The Cat and Mouse game allows you to easily move graphics to set target pitch levels for students.

The Cat and Mouse game has targets and obstacles that can be moved to establish desired pitch levels that you want a student to produce.

Targets and obstacles in the games can be manipulated to fit student goals.

Setting target lines on the RealTime Pitch Program allows a student to monitor pitch during conversations, sustained vowels and words.

You can vary line thickness for students who have vision difficulties.

You can save a production you like and then let the student compare pitch on a new stimuli with his own best production by saving the production on the upper screen and then using the lower screen to capture subsequent speech samples.

You can compare pitch statistics for two productions and then save or print these values.

It is very easy for students to see intonation on a computerized pitch program. The curve of the line varies with pitch changes. It is flat when a student has a monotone voice.

Computerized visual feedback instrumentation not only allows the instructor and student to see a line indicating pitch level, but in most programs you can also compute and print the statistics to get objective measures of pitch.