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Standard Rates for Proposal Budgets


The following rates are negotiated with the Federal government through RIT's cognizant agency, the Department of Health and Human Services.

PDF documentView the RIT-DHHS Rate Agreement

    1. Instruction - the dissemination of knowledge through teaching and non-research training activities of RIT such as curriculum development. Instruction includes all teaching and training activities for RIT students, faculty or staff, whether they are offered for credits toward a degree or certificate, and whether they are offered through regular academic departments or separate divisions, such as a summer school division or an extension division.
    1. Organized Research - all research and development activities of RIT including sponsored research. Sponsored research includes all research and development activities that are externally sponsored by Federal and non-Federal agencies and organizations. This term includes activities involving the training of individuals in research techniques (commonly called research training) where such activities utilize the same facilities as other research and development activities and where such activities are not included in the instruction function.
    1. Other Sponsored Activity - knowledge, services, or processes performed for the benefit of the public. A program that geographically extends the resources of RIT to entities or persons otherwise unable to take advantage of such resources.  Examples might be summer youth camps, K-12 activities,  or workshops for the public or industry.

          On or Off-Campus Rate?

Use on campus rate unless a preponderance (more than 50%) of RIT personnel costs cover work performed at an off campus location.