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Hrishikesh Banerjee Endowed Memorial Award

The Hrishikesh Banerjee Endowed Memorial Award is supported by an endowment established in 2020. The award supports exceptional RIT students enrolled in the School of Physics and Astronomy. Learn more about applicant qualifications and eligibility criteria for this award.

RIT Observatory

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology

There has never been a more exciting time to study the universe beyond the confines of the Earth. A new generation of advanced ground-based and space-borne telescopes and enormous increases in computing power are enabling a golden age of astrophysics. RIT's PhD and Masters program in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology focuses on the underlying physics of phenomena beyond the Earth, and on the development of the technologies, instruments, data analysis, and modeling techniques that will enable the next major strides in the field.

To learn more, visit the Astrophysical Sciences and Technology website.

Co-op at the College of Science

Cooperative education provides our students with a competitive advantage over science graduates from other colleges and universities. In some programs, co-op can begin as early as the summer after freshman year, but it typically takes place during third and fourth years. Students can alternate semesters of academic study with co-op work periods—full-time, paid work experiences in positions related to their major.

Stand out from the crowd. Learn more about co-op at COS